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If you will be given a chance to do an event today, what would it be?

It's no secret that most Filipinos love events, whether it's just a simple gathering at the beach or a spectacular convention wherein like-minded people meet. It's not a stretch to say there isn't a day that goes by when we don't think of something to celebrate.

It doesn't have to be grand to be considered as an event. Aside from the top-billed and much-awaited premiere nights, red-carpet launches of lifestyle products, or unveiling of the best tourism spot in the country, events are also our little adventures every day to celebrate life and gratefulness. It can be our simple binge-night with the gang, deal hunting online with our friends, or even our food crawling in the newly-opened food park near our office.

At YuneOh.com, we believe that every day is an event day. And every event is an adventure. We've made it our mission to tell stories for people who seize life rather than letting it happen to them; by the people who travelled the best destinations, tried new foods, mastered the logic of online and on-site shopping, got geeked on cosplay and gaming tournaments; and about the events happening around the world - whether it's a festival, a for-a-cause gathering, a shopping bazaar, and many more.

So, do we still need holidays, observances, or annual life celebrations in order to don our party hats? For us, the answer is no.

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