Buffet 101 Big Group Promo

Buffet 101 Glorietta and Magnolia | Sep 1 - Nov 30, 2016
Event Details

Celebrate with a Big Group Promo!

Tag your family and friends! Furthermore, to avail the Buffet 101 Big Group promo, recommended number of PAX is ranged from 20-29 PAX per bill. Consequenlty, come celebrate with us and avail our promo!!

You must try our juicy and tasty Roasted Chicken

and may also have a true taste of seafood at its striking flavor!

In this promo, you can also choose which ever salad you want!

Furthermore, the promo is only applicable in Buffet101 at  Glorietta and at Magnolia branch only!

Accordingly, our food are flavorful. In addition, it is also served with love! So, what are you waiting for? Avail the Big Group Promo with your family and friends. And, of course, have a sumptuous lunch or dinner with our outstanding service and food choices!

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