Newbee Food Expo 2017

The Studio Riverbanks, Marikina | Nov 24 - Nov 26, 2017
Event Details

Wash your hands and bring your family and friends! Newbee Food Expo is for anybody who loves to eat and happy to be with people with the same dreams.


Photo via Newbee Baking and Cooking

There will be continuous cooking and baking demonstrations, food tasting, selling of ingredients; kitchen tools; cake decorating tools; food and Beverages.

The Newbee Expo has 45 exhibitors from known brands to Newbee members who are ready to showcase their creations and products to the Public.

Tickets are available on site, but everybody is encouraged to register early online to avoid the inconvenience of long lines and delay. As a token, the people who registered online will have the chance to join the raffle for major prizes.

Walk-ins and onsite ticket purchases will have the chance to join the raffle for minor prizes only.

To register and buy tickets for Newbee Food Expo 2017, please pay through account – pay to Motherbee’s coins wallet – 38VkaZao1mJvVTqakTkAAqPmLK4yEsrLaN or you can text 0905566846 for other payment options.

Photo via Newbee Baking and Cooking


A community of aspiring cooks and bakers who supports each other through discussion and networking. Newbee is a group of people who are love to bake and cook. They are prepared to do trials in the kitchen and willing to get tired of long hours in the kitchen. They are also individuals who are not afraid to fail and learn something out of each failure that we encounter.

Newbees are passionate to perfect our craft in baking and cooking, slowly improving our skills by deeply learning the science behind. This helps us perfect the procedure and come up with a consistent product with higher quality.


3-Day Passes
Adult General Entrance – 200.00 (ages 13 years or above)
Child General Entrance – 150.00 (ages 1-12 years old)
Group Pass 3 adults – 500.00
Family Pass 1 Adult & 1 kid (12 years old & below) – 325.00
Family Pass 2 Adults & 2 kids (12 years old & below) – 500.00
*for every extra child 100

1-Day Passes
Adult General Entrance – 150.00
Child – 100.00 (ages 1-12 years old)
Group Pass 3 adults – 425.00
Family Pass 1 adult 1 child (12 years old & below) – 225.00
Family Pass 2 adults 2 children (12 years old & below) – 475.00
*for every extra child is 100.00
(ages 1-12 years old) *infant free

There will be 1 oven and 1 mixer per day to be given away and a lot more prizes to be won.
Register to the Newbee Expo 2017 event and pay the ticket and get the chance to win one of the ovens.

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