Krazy For Sweets Third Wheel Promo

España Manila | Feb 12 - Feb 17, 2018
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Calling out all Third Wheels out there! Here’s your chance to take advantage of the Krazy For Sweets Third Wheel Promo. Just in case you missed it, Krazy For Sweets is offering Unlimited Dessert for the third wheelers out there! To know more about this promo, read some other information below.

Tag your third wheel buddies for unlimited dessert!

How to Avail the Third Wheel Promo

  1. First of all, you need to bring a couple with you.
  2. Each couple must order the Unli All Kraze or K1 Combo for you to avail the promo.
  3. If the couple did not prefer to order the said menu, you can still have the chance to score some free cheese sticks or French fries for any group purchase amounting to Php 199.
  4. Promo is valid from February 12 to 17, 2018.

More about Third Wheels

Multiple gimmicks for Valentine’s Day have flourished on the internet including some third wheel photography services and even this Krazy For Sweets Third Wheel Promo.

Other may find third wheels embarrassing and awkward, but what they did not know is that is packs with benefits as well. Although coupled-off friends may remind you of your loneliness, instead of having one bestfriend, you can have two, right? You can also practice some photography as well through choosing different angle and lightings.

Not only that, you can be the good person here once the couple fights.  You can do the mediation and make everything fine for the couple.

Best part of third wheeling? You get to eat for free! Sometimes, you get to enjoy your ice cream alone, while the other ice cream is shared by the two.

Other Krazy For Sweets Menu Specials

Tacos at Krazy for Sweets.


Krazy For Sweets takes pride with their breakfast menu, from Champorado and variety of silogs. Their rice meals menu includes Dippy Lechon Kawali Php 120. It is basically a marinated pork belly deep and fried until crispy. If you’re not a fan of pork, you can go for the Insane Chicken Php 110. They even have a Psycho Tapa Php 90 on their menu which is a soy marinated beef with various herbs and seasonings.

If you are also craving for some pica pica and merienda, Krazy Sweets has tacos, the Delirious and Idiotic with choices of different dips. As mentioned above, third wheelers who won’t be able to avail the unlimited dessert, they can score some Lunatic Cheesesticks Php 60, wherein savory cheese are rolled into spring roll wrappers.

But of course, let’s not forget some coolers in the range of Oreo Cheesecake Php 85, Strawberry Coolers Php 90, Nutty Chocolate Caramel Php 80, Coffee Frappe Php 80, and Dark Choco Php 85.

Party Packages

Assorted candies and pastries.

What’s an epic party without some desserts, right? Here at Krazy For Sweets, they have prepared savory yet affordable party packages for special occasions.

Package A

This package consists of 1 jar of biscuits, 1 jar of mallows, and 4 jars of candies and gummies. Take note that quantity depends per pax.

30 pax Php 5,500

50 pax Php 6,500

100 pax Php 7,500


Package B

The package B consists of 2 jars of biscuits, 2 jars of mallows, and 6 jars of candies and gummies.

30 pax Php 6,500

50 pax Php 7,500

100 pax Php 8,500


Package C

For bigger guests, this package C consists of 3 jars of biscuits, 3 jars of mallows, and 8 jars of candies and gummies. Add ons include brownies, choco crinkles, brownies, smores, macaroons, cookie cups, graham balls, chocolate mallows with biscuits, oreo cake pops, and mini leche flan.

30 pax Php 7,500

50 pax Php 9,500

100 pax Php 11,500

You can visit Krazy For Sweets at Grand Residences España Tower, A.H. Lacson Avenue near UST Engineering Building. For more information, you can call 0927 229 5078.

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