NIU Wedding Anniversary Promo Be their Guest!

SM Aura Premier 6th floor, 26th Street Corner Mckinley Parkway, 1630 Taguig Oct 1, 2017
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A belt of straw and Ivy buds.
With coral clasps and amber studs:
And if these pleasures may thee move,
Come live with me, and be my love.

-‘The Passionate Shepherd to His Love’ by Christopher Marlowe

Anniversary: Time to Unwind and Relish Company 

Marriage isn’t all about hardships or about adjusting to your partner’s nuances. It’s often forgotten that marriage is fun and fosters happiness, an adventure that helps both partners grow spiritually and mentally. Both in patience and resilience, especially when it comes to children. Marriage is a firm foundation that portrays that humanity is capable to have an artful existence, Rainbow Rowell once quoted perfectly ‘art is suppose to make you feel something’. Sentimentality may be  a crucial aspect of unconditional love, however it is also correct to sometimes indulge in the luxuries of the material world.


Giddiness or romance doesn’t have to end when lifetime commitment ensues, share your appreciation with your life partner  in the annual anniversary of your marriage. Varying affections from frivolous actions to quality time.  Availing this offer allows you to have both, and the best aspect is that you enjoy it  in the glorious company of food! Avail NIU’s limited time offer for married couples this is a special promo for a chance of exquisite indulgence!
Applicable to married couples that are celebrating their anniversary, whether it may be clock or diamond anniversary. Both of your fondness will have no measures in time during this solitary day. What better way to spoil one another, than drink wine as sparkling as your partner’s eyes enjoying the moment?


Important Details

Available till October 1 to December 31, the information below are further information regarding NIU’s promo:


  • The promo will only be legible on a 2-partner basis and will ONLY be applied to the partners.


  • The couple in commemoration of their new chapter, will receive a free glass of sparkling wine, a special cocktail (Available only for couples who will celebrate during lunch and dinner) and a beloved, special cake on the day of the wedding anniversary.


  • The married couple should provide a VALID certificate of marriage from the N.S.O or City Hall, a photocopy of said item is acceptable. Present the valid certificate along with an ORIGINAL AND VALID government issued I.D.B


  • This promotion is invalid of any convergence with other in-house upgrades or discounts.


  • The promo is only useable at NIU by Vikings.


  • Promo is valid until December 31, 2017.

Lavish in each other’s time together with a classical themed ambiance and sophisticated food fit for a queen’s taste buds. The buffet and freebies that go along with it is perfect for a rendezvous. Surely with the person who made reality into a tidbit daydream, all the grandeur would only be as pretty as blossoms under her feet. Match it with a glamorous casual outfit, then it becomes a moment of stolen looks and suggestive smiles with your spouse.

The venue is at SM Aura Premier 6th floor, 26th Street Corner Mckinley Parkway, 1630 Taguig

For further information call this number

478-3888 0r 847-3888

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