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Grand Emerald Tower | Jan 2 - May 31, 2018
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Coffee, good ambiance, creativity and K-Pop collide at the Subspace Coffee House. Who would have thought that in the busy streets of Ortigas Center lies a cafe for foodies and coffee lovers?

Subspace Coffee House offers flavorful food, heavenly desserts, and latte art that looks so good, you might have second thoughts if you want to drink your coffee. Having said that, this coffee house and restaurant pioneers Latte Art in the Philippines and has received best dining coffee shop from the Golden Globe Awards Council.

If you’re also into K-Pop, fanatics and fellow enthusiasts flock in this cafe!

Cafe Details

Cafe Name : Subspace Coffee House
Location : Unit 103, GF Grand Emerald Tower, F. Ortigas Jr. Ave., (formerly Emerald Avenue), corner Garnet road, Ortigas Center, Pasig City
Operating Hours : Mon to Sat: 7AM to 11PM | Sun: 9AM to 9PM
Contact Information : (02) 655-7077  | 0920-‎946-8857 |

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Subspace Coffee House Menu

subspace coffee housePhoto screen-grabbed at Subspace Coffee House


Corned Beef and Mushroom 100.00
Spam and Honey Mustard 100.00
Tuna Wasabi 100.00
Cucumber-Kani 115.00


Triple Cheese 110.00
Choco Struck 125.00
Caramel Macchiato Waffle 125.00
Happy Purple 125.00
Genie Jam 125.00
Blueberry, Peaches and Cream 150.00
Double Green Tea 155.00
CBH – Cheese Bacon and Ham 125.00
Big Bang Waffle 170.00


New York Cheesecake 115.00
Blueberry Cheesecake 115.00
Reese’s Cheesecake 120.00
subspace coffee houseSubspace Coffee House Website

Sweet and Unique

Teas 90.00
Milk with Honey Hot 105.00 Cold 120.00
Dark Chocolate Milk Hot 125.00 Cold 140.00
Chocolate Hot 110.00 Cold 125.00
Purple Potato Latte Hot 125.00 Cold 140.00
Peanut Butter Latte Hot 130.00 Cold 145.00
Black Tea Latte Hot 115.00 Cold 130.00
Iced Lemon Green Tea 16oz. 120.00
Subspace Float 16oz. 160.00
Nebula Coffee Jelly 125.00
Affogato 125.00

Milk Shakes

Cookies & Cream Regular 135.00 Large 150.00
Merry Monkey Regular 140.00 Large 155.00
Cheesecake Regular 145.00 Large 160.00
Red Velvet Regular 145.00 Large 160.00
Macha Regular 145.00 Large 160.00

Milk Tea

Subspace Classic 12oz. 95.00 16oz. 110.00
Very Berry 12oz. 95.00 16oz. 110.00
Chai 12oz. 95.00 16oz. 110.00
Peppermint 12oz. 95.00 16oz. 110.00

Cheese Foam

Coffee 12oz. 100.00 16oz. 115.00
Cocoa 12oz. 100.00 16oz. 115.00
Sunny 12oz. 100.00 16oz. 115.00


Xpresso 12oz. 130.00 16oz. 145.00
Mocha Stormies 12oz. 140.00 16oz. 155.00
Caramel-X 12oz. 145.00 16oz. 160.00
Mocha Mint 12oz. 145.00 16oz. 160.00
Blueberry Mocha 12oz. 145.00 16oz. 160.00
Raspberry Mocha 12oz. 145.00 16oz. 160.00
Caramel-M 12oz. 130.00 16oz. 155.00
Double Chocolate 12oz. 145.00 16oz. 160.00

subspace coffee houseSubspace Coffee House Website


Espresso 90.00 Add Php30.00 extra Shot
Brewed Coffee 85.00
Americano Hot 100.00 Cold 115.00
Cafe Latte Hot 110.00 Cold 125.00
Cappuccino 110.00
Mocha Hot 120.00 Cold 135.00
Caramel Macchiato Hot 125.00 Cold 140.00



Event Reservations

Pre-Nuptial Photoshoot

Subspace’s quirky meets Industrial and mid-century modern theme with touches of K-Pop is a wonderful location for your shoots, may that be for pre-nup, video productions or IG-worthy posts.

Booking Details :
Book between the hours of 7AM to 11PM because of few walk in guests in the mornings and good lighting. Pre-Nup rate is P1,500 per hour with one free drink. A maximum number of 5 members of your group can be accommodated inside the store.

subspace coffee houseSubspace Coffee House Website


Children Birthday Party

Celebrate your kid’s birthday at Subspace Coffee House! You can choose from Orange, Green or Pink packages. They also accept customize food and beverage according to your preferences.

With a 28 comfortable seating capacity, the cafe also accommodates exclusive parties for a minimum of 3 hours. Succeeding hours are with additional fees, depending on the time and date of the party.

PICK YOUR PACKAGE! Click your preferred package to move you to the package details & pricing:

CHILDREN ORANGE PACKAGE For as low as Php 4,000
CHILDREN GREEN PACKAGE For as low as Php 3,000
CHILDREN PINK PACKAGE For as low as Php 3,200

subspace coffee houseSubspace Coffee House Website


Subspace Coffee House Latte Art Class

Calling all Latte enthusiast looking for some fun latte art class! Subspace Coffee House opens Latte art lesson this summer. Call (02) 655-7077 to schedule your latte art class. Classes is held every Sundays.

subspace coffee houseSubspace Coffee House Website


Plan your events now and visit Subspace Coffee House!


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