The Island: The Country’s First Nightlife Market

BGC | Feb 28 - Jul 31, 2018
Event Details

You don’t need to travel long just to have an escape from the chaotic city. Because lucky for you, The Palace is turning Pool Club into a paradise where you can sit back, relax, and chill to the latest beats, right at the heart of the city. The Palace welcomes you to the ultimate destination for nightlife staycation vibes: The Island.

What to expect at The Island

Everything Good

A unique getaway in the heart of the metro with the sickest beats, newest flavors, and a modern-day nightlife lounge experience like no other, The Island is definitely putting a nightlife in paradise on the map. The Island is set to open its doors and welcome guests into the tropics this April 2018, just right in time for summer lovers alike. This being the first nightlife market to bring you a collective space filled with good music, vibes, booze, and  food. The Island offers new experiences across all aspects that will definitely change how you view nightlife as you know it. Everything in this Island is spectacular!

Different Concept Bars

The Island will be your newest favorite chill spot because it’s not only bringing you just one concept, but TONS! In this collective and fun space, you can even go barhopping in itself and check out each one of the differently themed concept bars. Adding more to the fun, it’s open six days a week so maybe try out one bar concept a day!


Of course, what is paradise without great food, right? Well, no need to worry about getting hungry because not only will The Island be catering to your booze and party needs, but it also offers three (three!!!) food stations for your forever hungry needs (they gotchu, fam). Delve into exotic flavors and try out the country’s very first nightlife market’s pop up bars to satisfy your need for adventure and excitement or your post night-out munchies.

Affordable Prices

Don’t sweat on thinking about this will cost a fortune  because this paradise and island-life experience comes at very affordable prices—no need to buy a table to be able to enter this paradise, simply make your way in and let the wave of letting loose take over.

Lounge Area

Raise your glasses, take some shots and dance the night away. You can lounge by the pool and catch up with the barkada with a laid back chillnuman session in one of the many lounge areas.

If you’re looking for a place where you can lounge, chill, let loose, de-stress and hang out with friends in a cool tropical fun island vibe then, look no further and book them calendars for The Island!

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