10 Pet Peeves of Toys and Comics Collectors

Worldwide | Jan 9 - Dec 31, 2020
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Let all the geeks unite!

Are you a self-confessed toy and/or comic collector? If you are, you’ll probably relate yourself to what we are going to discuss.

pet peeves

Comic Alliance

Have you experienced meeting people that annoys you a lot? Have you met someone that irritates the collector in you, to the point that you really have to restrain yourself from punching him/her in face? (You’re not alone in there, man!) As part of our celebration for the geeks and nerds out there, here are some of the pet peeves that will surely piss you off once you encountered it.

Here’s to a whole lairs of irritation.


1. When your favorite comic book was translated into a live-action movie and they did not give any justice to it. Not just that! Everyone around you loves the movie!

Awwww. That’s saaaaaaddddd! And what’s really upsetting is that people wouldn’t understand your rants, especially if they are not comic readers themselves.

pet peeves


As you can see, comic book blockbusters is a recent phenomenon. With DC’s Justice League, Fox’s X-Men, or Marvel’s Avengers, producers seems to notice that presenting a shared universe of heroes and odd characters to the viewers is a real money-maker. Also, comic adaptations are quickly becoming one of Hollywood’s heaviest hitters.

So, whether you like it or not, your favorite comic books will continuously be adapted to become a film.

pet peeves


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