7 Types of Gamers Based on Their Gaming Library

Worldwide | Jan 9 - Dec 31, 2020
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The Completionist

Library Contains: Skyrim, Legend of Zelda, Final Fantasy, Mario, Hearthstone  (basically anything with collecting involved)

A Completionist’s gaming can be filled with multiple genres of games. What you would mostly see on their collection though are RPGs and Adventure games. The more open the world, the better! A video game does not simply end when the credits roll for these gamers. No, they must have every item, every piece of lore, every quest, every achievement before they are satisfied. They live for the countless hours searching every nook and cranny for everything they can collect.

How exactly does this reflect in their everyday lives? Well, you’ll find that Completionists are most likely your friends who have extensive collections. It can be games, comics, or anything really.

The most glaring attribute though is that they hate the feeling that something is incomplete. Hey, it’s not necessarily a bad thing. Completionists tend to start something and get things done and that is a very important skill in life.


The Micro Manager

Library Contains: Starcraft, Civilization, The Sims, RollerCoaster Tycoon.

The Micro Manager loves loves loves games where you manage resources. They now the exact time to place that pylon and send out a drone to gather minerals. If it’s a game where you can control a multitude of units and look good while doing it, then you can be damn sure that they are playing it. This is why you’ll see Starcraft and even The Sims on their library, it gives them a sense of control.

Micro Managers in real life often tend to look at every miniscule detail when they are doing something. If they’re your boss, you can be sure that they’ll be hovering over you and making sure that you do it right and efficiently.

What’s good about this type of gamer is that they have a knack for time management. Like earlier mentioned they are efficient and know where to put their resources. If you’re looking for someone to plan out a project for you, then a Micro Manager is your best bet.


The Troll

Library Contains: Anything related to online gaming

The Troll’s gaming library is very expansive, but it mostly involves anything that has an online multiplayer function. They play their games to annoy the others and they can really ruin the experience for others. Usually, these gamers are good at the games they play, but they lack the decency to win with courtesy. Basically they love to boast.

In real life everyone can be the Troll. All it takes is a bad day to transform into this horrible excuse for a human being. The good thing is that you can also turn the encounter people around. When a Troll is present they usually give youa hard time, but in reality their presence will push you to become better. Once you see behind the hard exterior, you might find someone worth talking to in the end.


The Know It All

Library Contains: Any games that contain heavy lore or strategy

A Know It All can be present in any fandom and they can either be a great help or an annoyance. They love games which involve great strategy and lore because this can show off their beautiful mind.
These gamers use their knowledge to get ahead, but they also make sure you never forget that they did. They love to boast, but they have the right to do so.

In real life a Know It All usually bombards you with information even if you did not ask for it. The upside though is that you have someone to ask when there is something that you do not understand. Usually they are misunderstood, but they just want someone to geek out with and talk about their favorite past time. I mean, everyone can go overboard with something they love right?

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