In Case You Missed It: Khel Pangilinan Successfully Completed His Year-End Thanksgiving Concert

New Frontier Theater | Dec 20 - Jun 30, 2020
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2019 was another successful year for Khel Pangilinan as he concluded with a beautiful concert dedicated to the one he calls the “Architect”.

khel pangilinan

And in case you missed his thanksgiving concert, here are some of the highlights of his concert:

Khel supports and cheer for new artists

khel pangilinan

One of the reasons Khel celebrates this year is because of the new talented artists that he met and are now entering the entertainment industry. He showed his support to the newbies by introducing them and their music to his fans. He gave them the spotlight and let them showcase what they’ve got in front of the full house concert theater.

The new artists that performed in Khel’s All for Him concert are Rich Patawaran, Chloe Redondo, Binary Music, Joaquin Sunga Reyes, Ryke, MC Sai and Dystopia. Most of these new artists have collaborated with Khel in Wish Live performances.

The BuDaKhel’s much-awaited performance

khel pangilinan

Since the release of Bugoy Drilon, Daryl Ong, and Khel Pangilinan’s group called ‘BuDaKhel’, they’ve been in and out of television, radio, and event guesting. BuDaKhel is also one of the hottest boy groups in the Philippines today. They have touched everyone’s heart by their soulful singing of all hopeless romantics’ anthems like “Kung Maibabalik Ko Lang”, “More Than Words”, and their recent collaboration of the song “Heaven”.

During this thanksgiving concert, the three showed their affection to each other, Khel even saying that he found true friendship with Bugoy and Daryl despite of the nature of the industry they’re in. Then they serenaded all their fans with beautiful soothing songs.

BuDaKhel also performed the song “Balang Araw” with Katrina Velarde. The group also did a collaboration with Liezel Garcia, Dea Formilleza, and Garie Concepcion.

Khel’s inspirational piece

khel pangilinan

This All for Him concert aims to inspire as many people to trust the “Architect” of their life. Khel shared his experiences on how he got through life from when he was just starting up until now. He said that everyone has a purpose in life and it is our choice on how to utilize that purpose and he hopes that everyone is using that purpose to love and care for other people. He’s hoping that everybody would not forget that purpose no matter what is happening in the country.

Khel also prepared song number for each of the topic he’s discussing and these performances gave energy to everyone. It is truly a masterpiece performance by Khel.


Watch out for Khel’s activities for the coming years! Follow him on Facebook at @khelpangilinanofficial.


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