Most Covered KPOP Groups and Famous Dance Covers

Worldwide | Jan 1 - Dec 31, 2020
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Who’s Your Favorite KPOP Group to Cover?


With KPOP dominating the industry and trending all over the world, there are a lot of talented fans who have taken social media to express their love for their idols by bringing up a group and creating the most creative and sexiest dance covers. And most of them have gathered a huge following by themselves.

But what do you think does it take to be as good as your KPOP idol?

Billboard Korea has investigated the latest KPOP global trend—the KPOP Cover Dance. According to them it was in celebration of “Visit Korea Year” in 2011 that Moon Chang Ho produced the 2011 K-Pop Cover Dance Festival. It attracted 1, 700 amateur contestants from 64 countries. A total of 66 contenders from 10 countries were nominated to perform at the final competition concert in Seoul, South Korea.


The cover dance boom has created a platform for fans from all around the world to actively participate and enjoy K-Pop; and therefore, it is helping expand KPOP as a truly international form of social entertainment,” Moon Chang Ho said in an interview with Billboard Korea.

Also, according to the survey they conducted among the contenders, it has shown that “majority of the male dance teams favored Shinee, Super Junior, and Beast while female dance teams favored Miss A, Girls Generation and Kara as their chosen artist to imitate.”


Most cover artists gone through a lot of practice and familiarization before they can upload their dance covers in social media. They have to be as good as their favorite idols to get the attention of the fans. Also, they have to be flawless just to be recognized in the Internet’s pool of many cover artists.

Most Covered KPOP Artists

1. Super Junior


Super Junior is still one of the famous KPOP boy groups in South Korea, continuing to rocket up the popularity ladder in Asia and Europe. They are well-known for their songs’ addicting beat and highly synchronized dances. “Bona Mona” is one of their famous songs has seated on the Taiwan’s most renowned music chart for straight 64 weeks at number one; it is also one of the most emulated dance covers along with “Mr. Simple” and “Ah-Cha”, according to Billboard Korea.


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