Most Covered KPOP Groups and Famous Dance Covers

Worldwide | Jan 1 - Dec 31, 2020
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13. Def-G (Joined YouTube since October 11, 2013)

This female dance team from Thailand got their first two million views in YouTube when they released their dance cover of Girls’ Generation’s “I Got a Boy”.


Aside from these famous dances cover artists, there are also KPOP idols who like covering their co-idols. It’s really amusing how other idols know each KPOP artists’ dance routines. (Ooohhh, they are very supportive!) Here are some of the famous idols who also do covers of other KPOP artists. These videos are released through different variety shows in South Korea.

Monsta X members cover Twice’s Cheer Up:


BIGBANG’s G-Dragon and Daesung covers Produce 101’s Pick Me Up:


BTS, EXO, BOYFRIEND, GOT7 in Best Girl Group Dances:


Isn’t it fun? Now, we’ve also compiled some of the best KPOP music singles of all time and the new releases this April in the industry. And let us know what contest prize you’d like to win. Join our Korean Craze wishlist poll!

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