Date Worthy Cinemas to Watch Movies in Metro Manila

Nationwide | Dec 27 - Dec 31, 2020
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Dinner and a movie! If going out to impress your significant other is your goal, this time and tested technique will surely up those dating points, go out to dinner, then watch a movie after! After all, there are so many date worthy cinemas to watch movies in Metro Manila.

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Going to the movies has always been a go-to dating move. This is where you start to show that you are more than friends and that you are willing to spend enormous amounts of time alone with each other. A movie date tells your beloved that you want to be alone together, no friends or siblings included. A movie date also shows that you are willing to go out, get dressed, and make a night out of it. It’s not a snack at McDonald’s or a quick trip to the mall, it is a date. And nothing says date more than a movie.

Preparing for the Night Ahead

In the moviehouse you get to sit together closely. In the theater you get to be snug in a darkened room. This is a crucial next step for your budding relationship! The way I see it, you should plan this very well, prepare meticulously, and execute perfectly.

First, dress for the occasion. Depending on the venue or the mall you are going to for your date, you should dress the part. Each theater has its own class and taste, and you should know this before jumping in.

Second, make the dinner reservation. Nothing says “I’m ready’ more than a reserved dinner table at a restaurant with movie tickets in your pocket. This shows that you are ready for the entire night and you have all your i’s dotted and your t’s crossed. Be a boy scout and be fully prepared.

Last is the execution! Don’t be too fresh or too cool. Play it relaxed and play it smooth. No one likes an eager beaver on the first movie date. Keep calm and be a pro. Have pleasant small talk over dinner, eat just right, play the part of being on a diet (being health-conscious is a big dating plus!). Don’t forget to pull the chair out or act like the lady or the gentleman. Prim and proper is the way to go. Show your partner that you have class and finesse. And when the dinner is done, unless you otherwise talked about splitting the bill, get the check! It is 2017 you know, it is not unheard for dating couples to split the tab. But if you’re the guy, regardless of what age or year it is, insist on paying the bill. No matter what.

Play It Smooth and Everything Will Go Your Way

Now you are off to the movies! Quick tips before you head on to dreamland. Pick the right film. Big-budget action Hollywood films would be quite acceptable, but they are a bit too fast and the furious for my taste of you are going on a date. And unless you want to scare the hell out of your date, shy away from the latest horror flicks. Believe me, if you’re aiming for instant closeness, horror is NOT the way to go. What is a safe bet? Get the latest romantic-comedy that’s showing and get tickets for that. A combination of romance and comedy is a surefire win-win.

More tips? Don’t lean in too close. Keep some boundaries. Hand-holding may be a bit too advanced for a first movie date. What’s the trick? Laugh at the proper times, sit properly, and share popcorn. Like we said before, class and finesse wins games.

Need help choosing a cinema before all this action starts? Well, we have you covered, find out which are the Top 7 Date Worthy Cinemas we have on our radar for your next movie date!



Most Date-Worthy Cinemas in Metro Manila


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Have you ever been to Century City Mall in Makati? Located in (you guessed it) Century City in the heart of Makati, Century City Mall stands as one of the top-billed, high-class malls in the entirety of Metro Manila. And wait till you see the cinemas! Modern. Elegant. Superb. Clean. And they smell real good! Not enough for you? Upgrade to the Premier Class and unwind in plush, leather seats, fine carpeted interior, digital projection, Dolby Atmos 7.1 surround sound, direct access to the cinema lounge, and the best part…free popcorn! If you really want to impress a date, the cinemas at Century City Mall is a fine first choice.




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Bonifacio High Street has quickly become the center for all things cool in Metro Manila. It may just be the undisputed capital of ‘going out’. Shops and restaurants line the street while you can just walk around the entire time and not waste a moment as there are always plenty to see and do at BHS. If you’re leaning into a more action-packed night, then the 4DX Cinemas at Bonifacio High Street is just for you! Make sure you get the cinema schedules of the latest big, fantasy or action blockbusters from Hollywood. Strap in the comfy red seats, and blast off into adventure! Recline in the seats! Surge forward, side, and back! Bask in the mists and the sprays as you experience your movie in full four-dimensions! Sights! Sounds! Sprays! Spins! All this and more will make for some great after-movie chatter over coffee. The cinema will take your breath away and leave you longing for more action afterwards!

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