Famous KPOP Fandoms in the Philippines

Nationwide | Jan 8 - Dec 31, 2020
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Be part of famous KPOP fanatic by discovering local-based fandoms

You love Song Joong Ki? Kim Soo Hyun? Suzy Bae? Lee Min Ho? Taeyang? BIGBANG? Jeon Jungkook? Sandara Park? Gfriend? And even those maknaes who debuted not too long ago? Girl, it’s your time to be part of famous KPOP fandoms here in the Philippines.

Local Fandoms

Image Source: GMA Network

There are actually different types of fandoms you’ll encounter. Some are those who just gather page likes and membership but doesn’t have any physical event. There are also those who follow their idols like a stalker: they know what their stars are doing even off-cam; they have watched all their idol’s shows even if it’s held in a not-so-known location (they have connections!); and they know who their idols are dating (idols are very secretive so it’s a plus if your fandom has a tight connections with administrators in Korea).

And there are also those who always have a gathering: they are one of the fandoms who take time to go to the airport once they knew that their idols are visiting the country; they also use their connections to book a “fans day” for their idols; and they are those who send gifts to their idols. So, what kind of fandom do you like?

It’s really hard finding the right fandom, especially in the internet. When you search in Facebook, you’ll be redirected in a lot of pages with the same name. What we did was we narrowed them down for you. And we are also KPOP fanatics just like you. So, yeah, we also have our connections. *wink*

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