Famous KPOP Fandoms in the Philippines

Nationwide | Jan 8 - Dec 31, 2020
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Famous KPOP fandoms in the Philippines

VIP Philippines (BIGBANG Philippines/BBPH/VIPPH)

VIP Philippines is the official fan club of the world-renowned K-boy group BIGBANG. It was founded on January 4, 2008. As of the moment (April 4, 2017) it has accumulated 290, 568 likes and fans around the country. It may seem little compared to other international stars/groups, still VIPPH is one of the proofs that KPOP has really dominated the country. With their blockbuster concert in the country two years ago, people are really rooting for BIGBANG and waiting for their comeback concert here.

Local Fandoms

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According to their Facebook page, since 2008 VIPPH has “held several major gatherings as well as small get-togethers for the Filipino VIPs to meet and get to know one another.” They have participated in Arirang’s KPOP Party event along with different local fandoms.

Local Fandoms

Image Source: BIGBANG Updates

The staff and members of VIPPH has also produced three project books as gifts to BIGBANG. All of it contains fan signs, fan arts and messages to show how Filipino VIPs love and support BIGBANG.

If you’re a VIP, you may like and be a member of VIPPH through their Facebook page.

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