Famous KPOP Fandoms in the Philippines

Nationwide | Jan 8 - Dec 31, 2020
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Song Joong Ki PH (Song Joong Ki)

Song Joong Ki PH is Joong Ki’s first and only fan base, which is dedicated for bringing the latest news and updates about the actor. Since they started, they gathered 529, 605 likes and followers. If you can recall, Joong Ki attained his royalty in the industry when he starred in Descendants of the Sun (DOTS) together with Song Hye Kyo.

Local FandomsImage Source: Facebook

They are the most active fandom having their most recent gathering only last March 12. If you are Joong Ki’s fan, like their Facebook page and be a member of this growing fandom. Make your heart flutter and participate in their upcoming events.

Song Joong Ki is also one of our ‘papable’ oppa at #YuneOhOppaAwards. Vote for him now.

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