Get to Know the Soulful Vocalist of BIGBANG, Taeyang

Worldwide | Jan 8 - Dec 31, 2020
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The boys at YG aren’t giving us any time to recover! BIGBANG vocalist, Taeyang, will be serenading all the Filipino VIPs this September 22 at his ‘White Night’ concert. GD’s ACT III MOTTE concert just finished and all the fans are still reeling from all the excitement. Now it’s Taeyang’s turn to wile us with his sick dance moves and smooth vocals.

Taeyang is also known as Dong Young Bae and is one fifth of BIGBANG. He is one of their main vocalists and is probably the best dancer of the bunch. This Korean performer is known for the seriousness and devotion he brings to his performances.

Why should you be excited by Taeyang’s performance here in the country? Well, let’s get to know the singer a bit more to control that K-Fever. Here is everything you need to know about Korean’s Prince of R&B, Taeyang.

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An Encounter with the Future

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At a young age Taeyang already enjoyed music. His first encounter with the craft is through the piano and whenever he plays the instrument you can see just how much passion he has for music.

In his earlier years, Taeyang’s family began to struggle financially. Because of this, he decided that he must find a way to support his family. He won the audition to play “mini Sean” in Jinusean’s “A-yo” music video.

It was in this instance that he met YG Entertainment CEO, Yang Hyun-suk. During this encounter, Taeyang begged the CEO for a chance to be a singer. At first he received no answer, but he pursued YG and ask for an audition. He passed with flying colors and began training under the label. Taeyang is living proof that chasing your dreams and being passionate about them can get you to succeed in life.


K-POP’s Stylish Duo

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Before they debuted together with one of K-POP’s best selling boy bands (BIGBANG), Dong Young Bae (TaeyangKwon Ji-yong (GD) were both trainees at YG. Originally, the two trainees were set to debut as a hip-hop/rap duo called GDYB. YG Entertainment decided to hold off their debut and made the duo part of a 5 man boy band which will debut as BIGBANG.

Thankfully this decision was the right one! I’m pretty sure that GDYB would have been successful, but then we wouldn’t have BIGBANG. For those who are wondering what it would have been like to have GDYB debut, then all you need to do is take a look at their song “Good Boy“. You could really see how the King of K-POP and the Price of R&B compliment each other. I can’t wait for more collaborations between the two.



BIGBANG’s Smooth Vocalist

Photo via Soompi

Young Bae made it to the shortlist and debuted as one of the five members of YG’s new boy band, BIGBANG. While the reception of the group’s debut was luke-warm, their comeback albums were the reason that they made a name for themselves in the K-POP industry. They shed their heavy hip-hop persona and let their personalities show.

Taeyang is one of BIGBANG’s main vocalists and is regarded by many critics as one of the best vocalists in South Korea. BIGBANG’s music would be sorely different without YB’s powerful, smooth, and cool vocals.

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