International Women’s Day Holiday Fun Facts

Worldwide | Mar 8, 2020
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Celebrating Women: Wonders of the World

Women have contributed so much to society and the world, that there is a holiday celebrating womanhood. It might not be a special, non-working event, but the fact that an entire gender is recognized for their contributions to all aspects of humanity says a lot. Here are a few fun facts on the holiday known as “International Women’s Day”:

International Women’s Day Holiday Fun Facts

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1. It’s been celebrated for more than a hundred years.

In the early 1900s, women as a group have started making their voices heard. A call for equality and recognition began a change (albeit slow) in society. They demanded to be paid better. Women pushed for the right to vote. These were just some of many other struggles.

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2. It used to be a political event.

The holiday used to be called “International Working Women’s Day”. So, yeah, that does sound like a political, labor-related endeavor. It comes off as something celebrated or observed by unions and associations. Not really a socio-cultural thing. In most parts of the world, women still do not enjoy equal status as men, so technically, the event still is.

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3. It’s a combination of Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day.

Over the years, the politics toned down and the holiday has been used to celebrate love for women as a whole. The same love and appreciation you give your mother, your girlfriend and/or wife, is also shared with your cousins, colleagues, friends, and acquaintances. Minus the intimacy, of course.

Women of the world: wonders of society. Celebrate womanhood and feminism on March 8 with the rest of the world.

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