Kong: Skull Island

Cinemas Nationwide | Mar 9, 2017
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King Kong is the undisputed king of all monsters and monster movies! And now we visit his domain in Skull Island!

KONG: SKULL ISLANDImage Source: imdb

I remember seeing a really old King Kong movie back when I was a kid. He went up the Empire State building and swatted airplanes with his hand while holding a lad in the other. The image remained to be a legendary image throughout cinema. Now he’s back and the king of his own island in Kong: Skull Island!

KONG: SKULL ISLANDImage Source: imdb

What do you do when you invade an island where the ruler is a giant gorilla? Even with actors from the Marvel Cinematic Universe such as Samuel L. Jackson, Tom Hiddleston, and Brie Larson (Nick Fury, Loki, and Captain Marvel) with you, you’re in danger! Good thing we have John Goodman showing us how to get around the island. But what happens when you come face to face with Kong?

KONG: SKULL ISLANDImage Source: imdb

Guess we will just have to find out when the movie comes out in March 9, 2017 in Cinemas nationwide. Prepare to assault Kong at Skull Island!

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