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Worldwide | Dec 27 - Dec 31, 2020
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Pop Princess at Heart: Mami Sasazaki

Like her other band mates, Sasazaki Mami was also born in Aichi, Prefecture Japan. Also attended the prestigious Caless school. She has the best guitar skills among the girls, and serves as the lead guitarist in Scandal. Whenever they perform onstage, she amazes fans that come to see them with her dexterity and skill with the electric guitar. Sometimes, she may seem serious and kind of dark on stage because of her serious expression. But behind the curtains, she becomes a direct opposite, displaying a very cheerful and upbeat personality. In the vocals department, she has a very ‘soft-punkish’ voice, which is hard to miss. Whenever she performs a solo, you will definitely recognize the amazing voice.

Mami has mastered her guitar skills, making her one of the best female Japanese lead guitarist!. The way Mami plays her guitar, alongside her cool expressions make such a bizarre but interesting taste to enjoy. Other than that, she’s totally gorgeous as well. Definitely a complete package. Also, like the other members of the band, she developed so much in such a short duration of time. She’s very supportive of her band mates, and does everything in her power to do so. Aside from being band mates, she regards them more as her non biological sisters.

While she’s often the person that gets the least love in SCANDAL during their concerts, she is totally fine with it. According to her, they play as one team and not individually, and the success of one is the success of all of them. If there is one person full of humility, it’s definitely our little miss guitar prodigy, Mami Sasazaki.


Rise To The Top


mami sasazakiPhoto source: Mami Sasazaki Facebook Fan Page


Japan is now popular for creating talented music artists. More recently, the Land of the Rising Sun countered with all-girl Japanese J-pop band Scandal. Together the girls have churned out droves of singles and anime theme songs that are all in Japanese. Members Tomomi Ogawa (bass and vocals), Haruna Ono (lead vocals and guitar), Rina Suzuki (drums and vocals) and Mami Sasazaki (vocals and guitar) are all self-taught musicians who are now music sensations worldwide.

The journey to the top isn’t always that easy. To make a mark as a band demands exceptional ingenuity. After collaborating with one another; The girls soon struck upon the idea of performing in parks near venues and covering songs of the headlining bands. Gathering a crowd is the most difficult thing. In the beginning, there was a scarcity of audience. So they started making fliers. They played the songs that are in demand and popular at that time. Sure enough, they were noticed easily and loved by the public.

Their patience in strategizing led to a deal with Epic Records Japan. “Several of the labels there were interested, but as a band we decided that Epic was the best choice,” Ono explains. “We were on the rise as indie artists at the time and a few teachers from our dance school invited some of the label people. We already had [Kitty Records] management then and they also brought in people”. This was their biggest break as a band.

Music Connection caught up with Scandal at its House of Blues show in May on the Sunset Strip while on tour in support of Hello World, the band’s latest offering. Now, they are not only popular in Asia, but also across continents. Audience loves every bit of emotion they incorporate with singing.


Trivia on Mami Sasazaki

1. A big anime fan particularly BLEACH and One Piece

Aside from singing the official sound track of these anime, Mami already like them. She is fond of them. When a new episode is released, she makes sure she is updated.


2. Draws the best among the group

Her love for anime inspired her to love drawing. She loves and collects manga as well. Our princess surely is multi talented.


3. Has a habit of calling herself “Oira”

The mystery of this nickname is not answered by Mami yet. We think though that’s it has been derived from a charming character or anime. She has been saying that since elementary.


4. Loves to play her Nintendo DS

There are a lot of more advanced technological consoles avaiable but Mami still plays her Nintendo DS. According to her, it’s lightweight, small, portable and she can bring anywhere. That is why she still prefers this among a variety to choose from.


5. She played drums for band Anpontanzu (あんぽんたんズ)

This was before she played for Scandal. It was really her dream of having her own bandmates. Surely, it was rock at first sight when she met her band mates at the same school. The rest is history.


Best E-Guitars for Rookies

1. Squier Classic Vibe Telecaster ’50s

Squier Classic Vibe Telecaster '50sPhoto source: thehub.musiciansfriend.com


Featuring classic Fender design, smooth playability, and simple controls, the Squier Classic Vibe Telecaster ’50s is a great first electric guitar. The fixed bridge and quality tuning machines ensure simple and reliable tuning stability. A potential frustration for new players trying to learn on poor quality guitars. Single volume and tone controls along with two bright-sounding single-coil pickups give the beginning player a wide range of tones that are easy to control. The Telecaster has been a mainstay in music for decades and is especially associated with great country, pop, surf and rock sounds.


2. Epiphone Les Paul SL

Epiphone Les Paul SLPhoto source: thehub.musiciansfriend.com


The Les Paul SL from Epiphone is a great choice for a beginner guitarist looking for classic LP vibes. With two single-coil ceramic pickups and a lightweight body, this model should be able to cover a variety of musical styles and genres while coming in at a very attractive price point. The Les Paul SL is available in 6 distinct styles including Heritage Cherry Sunburst, Pacific Blue, Natural Yellow Sun, Turquoise, Vintage Sunburst and Ebony.


3. Gretsch Guitars G5425 Electromatic Jet Club

Gretsch Guitars G5425 Electromatic Jet Club Electric Guitar
Photo source: thehub.musiciansfriend.com


Constructed with an arched maple top, chambered basswood bodies and bolt-on maple neck the Electromatic Jet Club (G5425) offers plenty of classic vibes at a great price. With an arched maple top and chambered basswood body, it’s got tone for days. Appointments include an anchored Adjustomatic bridge, stop tailpiece, and dual-coil pickups.


SCANDAL Live In Manila

Don’t miss SCANDAL live in Manila! Witness Mami Sasazaki bring it on. You might even score some awesome guitar moves and grooves. All inspired by our dear Mami. Hurry up! Grab your tickets now. This is surely one event not to miss.



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