Michael Pangilinan Stars All for Him MML Christmas Party 2019

New Frontier Theater | Dec 20, 2019
Event Details

Join Michael Pangilinan and other guests as they celebrate Christmas with love and music on December 20 at the New Frontier Theater.

khel pangilinan

Here’s why you should not miss this one-of-a-kind event:

If you want to listen to good music…

One of the most-awaited parties every December is Michael Pangilinan’s concert. He is known for his soulful music and beautiful rendition of famous international and local songs. This year, Khel will not just showcase his music but also the music of new artists that he personally admires and the music of his closest friends in the industry. This year it is not just good music but also heartfelt.

Because this more than just a concert.

What sets this concert apart from other performances that’s been slated for this month is that it is not just a concert but a meaningful and purposeful musical gathering. The “All for Him” concert aims to inspire people to always be grateful and share their purpose in life to everyone. It is a thanksgiving musical party for everyone who believe and is still believing to Khel’s vision.

So, what are you waiting for? Get that ticket now and share the love this Christmas with Khel and Him.


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