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Do you know these Movies and Series inspired Holidays?


Traditional holidays have many themes and traditions.

We Love Christmas

The Christmas Holiday is the most famous of these. Families and friends gather to celebrate the birth of Christ and use this time for love and giving. Lights are strewn all around the house and socks fill up with candies! Parents wrap gifts for their children and snowmen appear all over the place! Well. Not here but in the countries with actual snow. Christmas is one magnificent holiday. Everyone just feels different and warm and nice. Are you excited about Christmas? It is coming soon!

It is Costume Time!

Another Holiday that we like is Halloween! All Hallow’s Eve or All Saints Day is the perfect time to dress up! People flock to the malls of specialty stores to stock up on costumes or props. Children walk around dressed as witches or ghosts or robots to ask for candies saying ‘Trick or Treat!’ If you think the children are the most excited, you are wrong! The grown-ups join in on the fun too! There are parties everywhere that ask you to come in your best Halloween costume! Will you be a superhero? Are you dressed like a carrot? Halloween is a fun time to get creative and pull out all the stops! Be a vampire and dress to kill!

Join an Easter Egg Hunt!

Easter is also making it big! This holiday tradition is really famous in the US and Europe. Easter Egg hunts and rabbit costumes are a usual sight to see during this time. The Philippines celebrate Easter in a more traditional way. We go to church and celebrate mass about the Holy Week and the Resurrection. But we can also have fun after that! Many malls and communities host Easter Egg hunts for kids. Colored and decorated eggs are picked and hidden for the kids to look for. Grab your basket and go!

Labor Day Weekend!

I dare not miss Labor Day Weekend. This is the epitome of a long weekend. People get off from work and get out to the beaches! Officemates and friends plan local trips to get out of air-conditioned rooms and into the sun. Many pull out their neckties and their blazers in exchange for board shorts and bikinis! This is the most opportune holiday to celebrate a break from your hard work and enjoy the fruits of your labor with friends and family!

A Different Kind of Holiday

Get ready for Movie and TV inspired Holidays! The calendar has been updated and we have a list of some of the best pop culture holidays out there. Is the 4th with you? Do you know what that means? Do you celebrate Batman Day? How would you feel if you spent an entire day as a Hobbit? There are many fun and exciting ways to celebrate your Geek events. We have prepared a special list for you and your friends! Get to know these special days and prepare to celebrate with the world!

TV & Movie Inspired Holidays

Pokemon Day – February 27


You gotta catch ’em all! Yep. You guessed it, there is a Pokemon Day! Celebrate with hundreds of thousands of trainers all over the world! The hit video game has spawned animated cartoons, comics, TV shows, merchandise, and a trading card game! Pokemon is one of the most well-loved titles in franchise history. And it is only fitting that we celebrate an entire day for them! February 27 is celebrated as the anniversary of Pikachu and Charmander. Do you remember Ash’s original Pokemon? Can you still hum the opening intro of the first cartoon?

Enjoy this day by dressing up as your favorite trainer. Spice up your pet by evolving them into a Pokemon. Throw colored balls at random people and animals! Don’t forget to post your favorite Pokemon and why you love it on your social media sites. Remember, you got to catch them all!

Goku Day – May 9

Kamehame wave! The Saiyan Goku is celebrating his own special day! Let us see if you know a bit of Nihongo. Say the numbers 5 and 9 out loud and they would spell out ‘goku’! Dragon Ball is one of the longest-running manga and animes around. Absolutely everybody knows about Dragonball. The show has had dozens of transformations and evolutions. We saw Goku as a child up to now when he has several children!

Dye your hair yellow! Dye your hair blue! Put on a monkey tail! It is up to you! There are countless ways to celebrate Golu Day! I remember that I used to fill my notebook with drawings and sketches of my favorite Dragon Ball characters. Why don’t you just binge-watch on Dragon Ball Super and watch Goku defend his own universe in an inter-universal fighting tournament!

Captain Picard Day – June 16

Star Trek! No, we do not mean the one with Chris Pine. The movie trilogy with Chris Pine as Captain Kirk is fairly new. We also do not mean the original Kirk played by the epic William Shatner. We mean Captain Jean Luc Picard…a.k.a. Professor X!  Many people know him now as the iconic Professor X in the X-Men movies, but Patrick Stewart started as the indomitable Captain Picard of the USS Enterprise in Star Trek: The Next Generation!

The crew of the USS Enterprise happily celebrated ‘Picard Day’ aboard their starship. This caught on and now we celebrate it too! Put on your Starfleet insignia and beam up your crush on board your very own ship as you celebrate Picard Day and be your own Captain!

Optimus Prime Day – September 19, 1984

Do you remember the original Transformers cartoon? I was just a baby when the cartoon first came out. I remember the bright colors and the wonderful transformations when I watched the show as a kid! Optimus Prime is the undoubted leader of the Autobots. Megatron is his mortal enemy. They are locked in pitch battle from Cybertron to Earth. What is your favorite Transformer? Mine has to be the Dinobots. And you know what? I love Soundwave too! Imagine a radio that spews little robots as cassette tape cartridges! Old school classic!

But if you are in your twenties or in your teens, you know Prime from the movies. There are a lot of Transformer films that came out in the past years. Bumblebee earned his fame here as the hot-headed but loyal Dodge Camaro. Put talking speakers on your car or paint your truck blue and red and celebrate Optimus Prime Day! Roll out!

Hobbit Day – September 22

Did you know that The Lord of the Rings was a series of books? Another trivia for the new generation is that the very successful films were originally from books! J.R.R. Tolkien was the author who penned the stories and created the wonderful world of elves, orcs, humans, god, and hobbits! September 27 is Hobbit Day!  Folks all over would dress as a Hobbit, eat more than 7 times a day like a Hobbit, and walk barefoot like a Hobbit!

Eat first and second breakfast! Put your feet up and smoke a pipe! Grab a magical ring and suddenly disappear! There are many things to be done and adventures to be had during Hobbit Day! Find an old wizard and start on an epic adventure that will ultimately save the world! Plus, do not forget to greet old Bilbo and young Frodo a happy birthday! Watch out for Gollum though, he can be a bit sneaky!

Batman Day – September 26

What else can you say? Batman is Batman. He needs no introduction and needs no reason. If it were up to him, every day would be Batman Day.

Marty McFly Day – October 21

Honestly, do you know about Back to the Future? Back to the Future was a very famous string of movies in the 80s. The story revolved around a young man meeting a very peculiar scientist. This scientist managed to invent a very the special time machine that he strapped on a very sleek Delorian. The car had the ability to speed up and travel to a pre-designated time and year both in the past and the future! Marty McFly was the main hero in the films and he was played by the wily Michael J. Fox!

It is funny to notice that Marty decided to go to the future on October 21, 2015! That was 2 years ago in real life! The film has a different vision for 2015. There were hoverboards and many futuristic scenes. People wore strange clothes and had different gadgets and tech. it is now 2017 and it does not look like any of the scenes from the movie. But hey we are hopeful for the future!

Celebrate the Holidays in Fun and Festivity

There are other silly holidays that I see every now and then. International Kiss Your Crush Day. International Pancake Day. And there are much more! Regardless of the reason, always find something to celebrate! Check out our list below of some of the more wild and random holidays out there starting this November and December!

Some Random Holidays For Your November List!

1 Nov Wednesday Author’s Day
2 Nov Thursday Deviled Eggs Day
2 Nov Thursday Men Make Dinner Day
3 Nov Friday Sandwich Day
4 Nov Saturday Common Sense Day
5 Nov Sunday Zero Tasking Day
6 Nov Monday Saxophone Day
7 Nov Tuesday Bittersweet Chocolate with Almonds Day
8 Nov Wednesday Tongue Twister Day
9 Nov Thursday Chaos Never Dies Day
10 Nov Friday Forget Me Not Day
10 Nov Friday Vanilla Cupcake Day
11 Nov Saturday Origami Day
12 Nov Sunday Happy Hour Day
13 Nov Monday World Kindness Day
13 Nov Monday Sadie Hawkins Day
14 Nov Tuesday Spicy Guacamole Day
14 Nov Tuesday Pickle Day
15 Nov Wednesday Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day
16 Nov Thursday Fast Food Day
16 Nov Thursday Use Less Stuff Day
17 Nov Friday Take A Hike Day
18 Nov Saturday Push Button Phone Day
20 Nov Monday National Absurdity Day
21 Nov Tuesday World Hello Day
22 Nov Wednesday Go For a Ride Day
23 Nov Thursday Fibonacci Day
24 Nov Friday Celebrate Your Unique Talent Day
24 Nov Friday Buy Nothing Day
25 Nov Saturday Shopping Reminder Day
26 Nov Sunday Cake Day
28 Nov Tuesday Red Planet Day
29 Nov Wednesday Electronic Greeting Card Day
30 Nov Thursday Computer Security Day

More Strange Holidays This December!

1 Dec Friday Eat a Red Apple Day
2 Dec Saturday Fritters Day
3 Dec Sunday Make a Gift Day
4 Dec Monday Wear Brown Shoes Day
5 Dec Tuesday Day of the Ninja
6 Dec Wednesday Put on Your Own Shoe Day
6 Dec Wednesday Microwave Oven Day
7 Dec Thursday Letter Writing Day
8 Dec Friday Pretend to Be a Time Traveler Day
8 Dec Friday Official Lost and Found Day
9 Dec Saturday Christmas Card Day
10 Dec Sunday Dewey Decimal System Day
10 Dec Sunday Jane Addams Day
11 Dec Monday Noodle Ring Day
12 Dec Tuesday Gingerbread House Day
13 Dec Wednesday Christmas Jumper Day
14 Dec Thursday Monkey Day
15 Dec Friday Free Shipping Day
16 Dec Saturday Chocolate Covered Anything Day
17 Dec Sunday Wright Brothers Day
19 Dec Tuesday Underdog Day
19 Dec Tuesday Ugly Sweater Day
20 Dec Wednesday Sangria Day
21 Dec Thursday International Dalek Remembrance Day
22 Dec Friday Date Nut Bread Day
23 Dec Saturday Festivus
24 Dec Sunday Eggnog Day
25 Dec Monday Grav Mass Day
25 Dec Monday A’phabet Day or No “L” Day
26 Dec Tuesday Thank You Note Day
27 Dec Wednesday No Interruptions Day
28 Dec Thursday Card Playing Day
29 Dec Friday Pepper Pot Day
30 Dec Saturday Bicarbonate of Soda Day
31 Dec Sunday Make Up Your Mind Day

Have Some Holiday Fun!

The point of a holiday is to celebrate. There are dates that revolve around a person and there are holidays about a happening in history. The important thing is to celebrate! Gather your closest family and friends and make sure to have a good and happy time. There is no better way to celebrate the holidays! Make sure to watch the TV shows and Movies indicated on our list and celebrate them!

What Other Holidays Do You Know? Tell Us About It!


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