Movie and Series Inspired Halloween Costume Ideas

Worldwide | Dec 27 - Dec 31, 2020
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Movie and Series Inspired Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween is almost here! People love to dress up during Halloween! It is the time of year that many put on costumes and outfits for fun! All over the world, kids and adults plan events and parties to get the chance to dress up! Some come in as ghouls and monsters. Some dress up as superheroes and villains. And some others dress up as their favorite TV and movie characters! What about you? Who would you be this Halloween?

Halloween Origins

Do you know how the Halloween tradition started? There are many different stories about how the tradition started. It is said that in the ancient times, strange characters would come to your house on All Hallows Eve. These mysterious persons would knock on your door and ask for a tribute or a blessing. And if the household does not cooperate, they would put spells or curses on you! From that origin we now get the term “Trick or Treat!”  The stories are dark and creepy, that is why Halloween started off as a season of horror and scares! Everyone started to celebrate Halloween by dressing up as witches and ghosts and vampires and creatures! But times are changing and the costumes changed as well! There are now heroes and cartoon characters and icons and celebrities present at a Halloween Party!

The Halloween Outfits of Today

The costumes of Halloween are now evolving. The theme centered on scary and dark characters for a long time. We had werewolves and zombies coming to Halloween events. Kids would dress up as ghosts and witches to knock on doors and ask for candy treats. But I love how the themes have changed and dressing up for Halloween has become more fun than ever! People started to dress up as their favorite movie icons. I remember seeing a guy dressed up as Maverick from Tom Cruise’s Top Gun! We have action stars like Jackie Chan and Arnold Schwarzenegger appearing in costume parties! And do not forget the huge popularity of Disney inspires costumes! Thousands of girls around the world dressed up as Elsa from Frozen! I even saw a couple of guys who went as Genie from Aladdin! Yep! All in blue!

The Best Movie and TV Series Inspired Halloween Costume of Today

So here we are in 2017 and we have a wide range of costumes today! They come in all shaped and sizes and can be simple or extravagant! Movies and TV series are some of the best motivations for the Halloween costumes of today. So let us do a rundown of some of the best movie and TV series inspired Halloween costumes that we can find. Check out our list below! Maybe you can be inspired and find a look that you like for this coming Halloween!


Pennywise from Stephen King’s “It”

As the highest-grossing horror film in recent history, I am sure you will make a ‘killing’ at your Halloween event with this!

“It” was a landslide winner at the recent box-office! The supernatural thriller is now hailed as one of the best and most successful horror films of all time. One of the reasons for the success of the film is the eerie and haunting image of Pennywise the clown! Just looking at his visage gives me the creeps! And I never liked clowns in the first place at all! So the next time you are thinking of making an entrance at a Halloween party, why not go as “It”!

We have just the place for you to get your Pennywise merchandise! Lazada has always been a one-stop shop for almost everything. including Halloween costumes! You can browse and look for all the available props, masks, and costume kits at Lazada! Need a bit more help? We looked through the Lazada website and found some interesting “It-inspired” tidbits for you make your own DIY Pennywise costume! The mask costs anywhere between P400 to P700 on Lazada. Try going to this link here!

Dustin and Eleven from Stranger Things

Be part of the Stranger Things crew by getting these must-have items from Lazada!

Stranger Things was also another smash hit when it came out on Netflix! The 80’s nostalgia, Dungeons & Dragons theme and the sci-fi thriller peg made all the difference! We can’t forget the roller-coaster ride of emotions we had the first time that poor kid disappeared! And the build-up towards the mysterious being is just climactic! I also especially liked how we followed a group of kids as protagonists. They brought a fresh innocence to the show!

And yep, Stranger Things creates great cosplay and costume opportunities! Take Dustin and Eleven for example. Shave your head if you are brave enough! Get a cute, pink dress and voila! Instant Eleven! As for Dustin, some shoulder-length curls and that cool iconic hat are enough to make you a legit member of the cast! But wait there’s more! Lazada picked out these outfits for you already! Why don’t you check this list out here and order your Stranger Things outfit straight from Lazada! How about a windbreaker and a pair of canvas shoes on sale at only P999 to complete the look!


Dolls are creepy! And there is nothing scarier than Annabelle! Glam up this Halloween with the most frightening doll ever. All you need is a nice wig, a white dress, and lot of innate creepiness and you are all set! No one is fond of scary dolls! I would not want to see one anywhere. I haven’t even watched any movie with Annabelle in it!

I mean, we all know Annabelle. The girl who spooked and will always spook our fragile hearts. And we want to do the same to our friends this Halloween Party! You can do that with a vintage dress you Grandma or your Great-Great-Grandma used to wear, red ribbon for the twin braid pigtails and belt, a huge plastic rose, cute lolita shoes and a rocking chair to complete the look. It is perfect when you go to the corner or in front of a window while rocking the chair – so spooky!

Olaf from Frozen

Be the King of the Jungle with a Tarzan inspired costume this Halloween!

There is always someone worth melting for! Olaf gave us a ton of laughs in the Disney animated movie Frozen. And while Elsa is the undoubted queen of the show, Olaf is also a great character! A living snowman? What else do you need! Olaf is a quick favorite for young boys and girls at Halloween costume parties! Stores like Toy Kingdom have complete Olaf costumes in their stocks. One quick trip to the mall and you will have your instant Olaf outfit!

But you could also mix things up a bit! Sizzle and turn heads with a more sexy version of Olaf! Be cool and hot at the same time with this new rendition on the Olaf look! A skimpy white dress, some knee-high boots, and a plain carrot is all you need to complete the look!

Tarzan from The Legend of Tarzan

Be the King of the Jungle with a Tarzan inspired costume this Halloween!

A new Tarzan movie came out recently and it was good! Alexandar Skarsgard donned the loincloth and became the king of the jungle! The Tarzan look may appear easy to complete. But it’s not the piece of cloth that makes a jungle king, more often than not, the abs do! A few weeks diet and a lot of workout is needed to make this look work. But if you manage to pull this off. You will be swinging and roaring in no time as Tarzan!

You also need a perfectly trussed wig to complete the look. Do not forget that Tarzan is either blonde haired or brown haired. Wig shops usually have the length and the curls to complete your look. Always remember to add in some extra layers of dirt and soil to make sure that you fit in with the jungle background. Ladies can make the look work as well!

Sheldon Cooper from The Big Bang Theory!

Bazinga! Everyone who has seen The Big Bang Theory loves Sheldon! The genius and wisecracking character from the hit TV comedy has captured hearts and minds all over! His razor-sharp wit and cranky candidness makes for one great character cosplay! His apparent love for all things sci-fi and comic books create some interesting costume ideas when playing Sheldon. Check out all the different shorts and outfits he has on the show and picks one for yourself! Head on your nearest department store to pick up a Flash or Green Lantern shirt, put a smart-ass smug look on your face and you are all set!

Maverick from Top Gun

Everyone knows that Maverick is a slick and cool Halloween costume idea. If you don’t know, then watch Top Gun!

Top Gun! This high-flying and rocket-firing film were favorite back then! Let me try and educate our younger readers about the beauty of Top Gun! Top Gun tells the story of a young and hot-blooded US Navy pilot.  And the best pilot school in the entire world is Top Gun! Here they test their wits, their skills, and their flying prowess to become the ace pilot in Top Gun! Tom Cruise played the lead character of Lt. Pete Mitchell with the callsign “Maverick!” Callsigns are code names for pilots during flight. We also had Iceman and Goose and Merlin there!

And for a long time, it was considered very hot to appear as a fighter pilot in Halloween Costume parties! The important part is getting your self a flight suit. Maybe you can buy one at some specialty stores. What I would do is to go to ACE Hardware or other hardware stores to buy overalls. A gray or green one would be perfect. Then get a nice looking pair of old-school Ray Bans and I am all set! Maverick is flying into your hearts this Halloween!

La Luna Sangre

The hit TV series from ABS-CBN stars love team Kathryn and Daniel!

The next chapter of the hit ABS-CBN series is here! Starting off with Lobo, La Luna Sangre continues the tale of lovers that belong in two vastly different worlds. Vampires and Wolves! Daniel Padilla and Kathryn Bernardo play the two iconic roles. And you can look just like them! Head on to Zalora for the quickest way to get your Kathryn-inspired camos!


Young or Old, Dressing Up is Always Fun

I personally enjoy costume parties. Do you know that cosplaying is a huge, huge thing here in our country? This is because the idea of putting on a costume and portraying a character gives us a sense of freedom and individuality! For a brief period, we can become someone else! In our daily lives we are students, and office workers, and businessmen. But after putting on a costume, we become superheroes, or villains, or creatures of the night! We become anybody we want!

We will dive in and save you…and your hearts from drowning in loneliness.

Me and my friends especially love the Halloween season. And because of our good friends at Jorem and Sheila Photography, we have an instant photoshoot each time we don our costumes! Every year at around the Halloween season, we meet up a friend’s house and dress up! We have different themes every year like TV series, movies, 90s wrestlers, and the like.  We take weeks of serious preparation! And because we have professional photographers in our group of friends, we cannot fail! Costume planning and purchasing is all out and serious! We consider every detail and prop to make sure that our look is complete. We even stage mock battles and scenes to make sure we have action shots!

Oh yeah. We take our costume parties very seriously!

Need a quicker guide to style up your spooktacular costume? We’ve got you.

That’s right. We made a guide for you to easily check out all the recommendations we provided in just one click.

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