Must Play Board Games to Play on Game Night

Worldwide | Jan 9 - Dec 31, 2020
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It is Game Night!

It’s game night! Time to put away the work stress, get out of that button down shirt, grab some friends, and play some board games! Game night is that one time during the hectic work week when you can unwind, unload, and just stop being an adult and spend an entire night taking so much needed time off!

More and more barkadas are opting for game nights instead of partying!

Game night means many things to many different people. For others, game night means plugging your high-powered gaming laptops or desktops and playing LAN or online games all night! This is where the gamers find their home. Be it games like DOTA 2, League of Legends, or Overwatch or Diablo III, game night for gamers is the time to get into the virtual world and spend hours and hours on video games. The matches can be very competitive and complicated. Death matches can be brutal and engaging, but for these precious few hours, the entire world fades away and there exists only the player, the opponent, and a mouse click to unleash hell. Make sure to have your wits about you and your hand-eye coordination up to par before you engage in a video game match with these gamers.

What board games mean to people

For the athletes and sports buffs, game night means a night to sweat it out! Ballers flock to the nearest basketball court for an hour or two of hoops. It is a chance to get out of tedious work stress and be your own NBA star just for a night! If you are into running, you check yourself to allot one or two days a week to get that 3k or 5k off your fitness list. Cross-fit is also big these days, and game night could mean an entire round of sets and exercises to give you a good workout!

For others, game night means being relaxed and chill playing fun and easy card games or board games. There are childhood classics like UNO, Pictionary, or Scrabble that still gives us hours of pure fun. Whether you are 12 or twenty-two, these games help bring the group together and is easy to play. Plus almost everyone knows these games already so the you just pop the box open and you are good to go.

But other game nights are more serious! These are where the expert games come in. introducing games like Catan, Splendor, Risk, and even Exploding Kittens! These are games that you have to learn and master to be able to play! No casual gamers here please! Only the best and most dedicated can win! These games can destroy friendship and betray best friends! There are levels of strategy and technique and you do not play just to have fun, you play to win!

Let’s take a look at some of the most widely-used board and card games out there so you can add them to your game night list!

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