Must Play Board Games to Play on Game Night

Worldwide | Jan 9 - Dec 31, 2020
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The Best of the Best Card and Board Games


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(PRO TIP: Shout ‘UNO’ the loudest when you play your second to the last card. It can overwhelm others and make you a clear winner.)

Let us start with a classic. UNO is one of those games you have been playing ever since you were a kid. The rules are simple and easy. The cards are mostly plain with simple commands and gameplay is smooth and not complicated. UNO can also be played instantly anywhere. You do not need special boards or surfaces or extra objects to start a game of UNO. Players just need the one deck of cards, shuffle simply, and start away!

You can be a group of three or six and you can still have enough to start a game. Be lucky on the draw and have a steady supply of Skips or Reverses to fuel your way into victory. Reserve that Draw 4 bomb for emergencies when the person next to you is about to win. Strategy is also important here! Uno is one of the default card games for game night, and you should always have at least one UNO pack in your collection. Good for kids and adults alike, UNO is a steady favorite.



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(PRO TIP: Learn to block crucial tiles. It is sometime better to get low-scoring word by blocking a powerful double or triple word score that your opponent may use the next turn!)

Scrabble. Another classic. Scrabble has been a game present in many family and friendly get-togethers for the last ten or so years. It is one of those board games that your mom or your aunt tried to teach you when you were young and you just wouldn’t stay put to listen because you wanted to play outside. A cousin of Boggle, Scrabble is a bit more than just a simple board game, it is a mental exercise.

Did you know that Scrabble is an official sports event in inter-school competitions? Yep! And now that we are supposedly adults, with a wider range of vocabulary weapons, it is time to play Scrabble once more! Newer versions of the game include a better board that makes tiles stay in place. No more accidental nudges or drops that destroy the board and lose all your tiles. There are even apps now to check the validity of a word as you play them. So pick your tiles and make game night an improvement on your lexicon with Scrabble!


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(PRO TIP: Do not spread yourself out to thin, try setting up your forces in a defensible position.)

Risk! I remember back in high school, my brothers and I would play Risk for days on end! There was a small round table in the living room. We would unpack the game and lay out the big board of the world map on the table. After selecting forces and drawing cards, it was time for world domination! But Risk is not a game you could finish in an hour or two. We would take 2 to 3 DAYS to actually finish a game. We loved it! And now there are many variations of risk, including a zombie one! A bit intense and requires long term planning and strategy, Risk is a high-level game for serious board gamers out there.



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(PRO-TIP: Focus on one or two color gems first, that way you spend your resources wisely.)

Honestly, I was a late bloomer in the world of Splendor. I only got to learn how to play the game early last year. But when I learned how, I got hooked! The game looked complicated at first, but after my friends gave me a quick tutorial, it was easy to learn and I managed to play along. I love how the game focuses on forward thinking, resource management, and of course a little bit of risk! And with the initial setting of the renaissance period focusing on precious gems and materials, you will feel like a legitimate Italian merchant with a booming business on the horizon! The game itself is a bit expensive at P2,500. And there are a few add-ons you can purchase as well. Another game for serious gamers, Splendor is a great way to spend a few hours of the night in intense entrepreneurial combat!

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