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Worldwide | Jan 9 - Dec 31, 2020
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Exploding Kittens

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(PRO-Tip: Sometimes it is better to risk to draw a card than use your hand to get ahead.) 

I have seen a lot of strange and funny card games around. Games like Cards Against Humanity really brings a bizarre twist to the games we play with our friends. But Exploding Kittens is totally something else! Just the name itself is so comically strange that you cannot help but wonder what it is all about! And there is no mystery to it at all, it is exactly about Exploding Kittens!

Be in suspense and excitement as you draw a card, knowing that it may be your last! Shatter friendships by putting the Exploding Kitten on top of the deck right before your friend draws it on his next turn! Save yourself with a timely Defuse card! The possibilities are endless! Expect tons of laughter and crude jokes as you maneuver your way towards being the last man or woman standing to survive an Exploding Kitten apocalypse! It is also very handy, just a deck of cards and a flat surface, and you are ready for a game of Exploding Kittens!



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(PRO-Tip: If you are the werewolf, do your best to cast the blame on others and don’t forget to exaggerate!) 

Werewolf! I was first introduced to this game by a friend of mine while we were out on a trip. There were 5 of us on the beach and under a full moon, we played Werewolf! Werewolf is a fun social game that has aspects of mystery and a bit of investigation wrapped in its claws! There is even an app to accompany your game-playing to help you along! Each of the players are given a character card at the beginning of the game. You can be an innocent villager, a nasty robber, a ruckus-filled troublemaker, or a deadly werewolf!

Many other characters were added in the new releases, giving an extra depth and layer of strategy to the game. In addition. you then go through the game trying to discover who the evil werewolf is and try to pin the blame on that player! You then take turns accusing one another to find out who the culprit is! People with very persuasive communication skills gain the upper hand as they can ‘lawyer’ their way out of guilt and into acquittal! Make allies and form strategies to shift the tension and the blame to others. This works well especially if two of you are the werewolves! Fight as a pack! The game ends when you turn over your cards and find out the truth! Be ready for lots of laughs and raised voices as you argue over who the deadly werewolf is!

Cards Against Humanity

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(PRO-Tip: For a game like this, there is no tip, everything is just messed up!)

There are many card games out there. Simple ones like UNO create simple fun. Complicated card games like Magic: the Gathering are very competitive and strategic. But Cards Against Humanity? It is so mindless that it is crazy fun! Nothing is as random or as senseless as Cards Against Humanity! It pits people against one another and just by sheer luck or chance, creates situations that are hilarious to downright obscene! Props to the creators of this game. And guess what? It has become so famous that there have been new models that have come out to add to the existing card set! If you want hours of fun, nonsense, and just plain laughs, Cards Against Humanity is the perfect activity for you. It is the ultimate cure to work stress, home issues, and money matters. One round of this crazy game and you will forget all your troubles!


Game Night is a Fun Night!

There are a lot of places around the Metro that can cater to your game night needs. And we have the list just for you! Check out some of the best board game places in the city here! (link to Game Board Cafes article, we have one there a few months back I’m sure.)

Work and everyday stress can be enough to overwhelm you. But all it takes is a fun game night to get the edge off and recharge! Grab your best buddies and head on to your favorite hangout and unwind! Fun and games should always be part of a balanced life. We can’t be all work robots can we? Try to moderate work with your hobbies and you can become a proper Eventurer! Need more advice on how to make adventures out of your events!


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