Oreo Cookie Holiday Fun Facts

Worldwide | Mar 6, 2020
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Compilation of Oreo Holiday’s Fun Facts

It’s time for some holiday fun facts this National Oreo Cookie Day! Oreo lovers of the world, it’s time to show how much we love this little round bundle of joy by Nabisco. Growing up, we were all that one kid who got into the twist-lick-dunk scheme. Play should not be associated with how you eat and enjoy your food but it’s a fun way of eating your cookies with a glass of milk.

Here is a compilation Oreo holiday fun facts, as well as beloved commercials from the iconic cookie. Let’s start with a look back to the 80’s Ad Oreo Cookies.

Crazy, weird, or downright awesome, here are some of Oreo’s holiday fun facts that is too good to be digested and eaten.

Dig up, Oreo fans.

1. Oreo for breakfast? Why not. It’s still possible… in Korea.

Oreo cookie breakfast cereal was manufactured and sold in the United States from 1998 until 2007. We might never know what caused its demise in production in the said area. But if you are looking to have your morning fix of Oreos, you still can. In Korea.

National Oreo Cookie Holiday Fun Facts

2. You will never guess these oreo flavor goodness all over the world

National Oreo Cookie Holiday Fun Facts

Japan is known for producing green tea flavored products. It would be no surprise that they are the only country selling Oreo green tea flavor. Meanwhile, China’s back-to-back double fruit flavor combination makes us wonder how raspberry and blueberry, orange and mango tastes like. Oreo is already deliciously sweet but Argentina took it a notch higher by producing Dulce de Leche! Take a holiday break and go ‘round the world to search for these authentic flavors.

3. Oreo is a second-rate, but a better copycat version of the Hydrox cookies

National Oreo Cookie Holiday Fun Facts

Before Oreos in 1912, its identical, older twin Hydrox is making waves in 1908. Oreos exceeded in popularity over time, and Hydrox can’t keep up the heat. Suffice to say, the majority of the people perceived Hydrox to be the second-rate copycat of Oreo! In comparison, Hydrox cookies is said to have a less-sweet filling and crunchier outer cookie layer.

4. Wanting to dunk your Oreo cookie in a glass of milk without dunking your fingertips?

Thank God for the invention of Dipr. It’s an ergonomically designed spoon that holds your Oreo in place while you dip it in your glass of milk. See the video for yourself.

These are just some of the many Oreo holiday fun facts and trivia. There’s more to know at Time and Shop.

And because we can’t get enough of the Oreo goodness, here’s another 1980s Oreo commercial that is too good to enjoy.

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