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Online | Feb 5 - Feb 4, 2021
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Crack this season off with the list of the various kinds of love prep-out by Netflix films

If it’s not love, then what drives you so much to school? What pursues you to go to work though traffic approaches you, always? How do you compose yourself whenever you achieve the ‘kilay’ (eyebrow make up) that you want? Or even the shade of the lipstick on your lips? Well, all of those are out of love. It may certainly come into different forms, but still is love. Good news, because Netflix films got your back!


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Love has different kinds, it’s its nature. So, expect many sorts of love this Valentine’s Day. You may feel the breeze of the season with your partner, family, pet, friend, and many more for love has no absence in this world. It may sound cliché, but love’s always evident to every bits under and over the sun. One of the best sources of love is Netflix films. Netflix serves us  a lot of inspiring and well-entertaining series and films.


If you want to hunt down various love, list this down!

  1. Irreplaceable You

It is a film that entails ‘until death’ kind of love. A 2018 film of Stephanie Laing and the writer Bess Wohl. This is a story of Abbie and Sam who are best friends since childhood turned into lovers. Later then, the world of perfection grew with their love goes down because Abbie was diagnosed to have a cancer. Given the fact that there is high possibility of leaving Sam behind, Abbie manages all the stuff when the time comes. It even includes finding the next partner for Sam.

That is so heart breaking yet inspiring, right? If you want to catch an unconditional great kind of love, roll this film down on your list.


  1. Kissing Booth

Oooh, I know you’re a bit excited with this film, but who won’t be, right? Kissing Booth introduces us to an ‘off-limit but always right’ type of love. It is only because, Elle and Lee, lifetime best friends have rules that includes, ‘no dating of Noah’- Lee’s brother. But with the denial of her heart, it leads her more and Noah trapped in the same feeling they both have.


  1. When We First Met

Okay, grip to the nearest thing beside you, because this film is a ‘friendzoned’ love. Maybe you’ll ask if being friend zone is love, well, technically yes. It caters the story of Noah who met Avery at a Halloween party. He is madly in love to her, but Avery already has a love of her life. But a photo boot pops out and that it could travel back in time. Noah uses it to change their fate.


  1. To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before

This is the film that literally demands ‘kilig’ kind of love to every bits of your flesh! It is a movie based from the best seller novel of Jenny Han with the same name. This is the story of Lara Jean and her secret letters which were exposed to her crushes.


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  1. Nappily Ever After

If you can’t find the love you want in all different kind, then it’s time to know that ‘self love’ is the greatest type of love in the universe. Nappily Ever After cores the journey of Violet Jones whose beliefs is that her life is only better when she is perfect. But when life became cruel to her, she tries to own the stage all by herself.

Now, that these films introduce you to sorts of love, will your Valentine pales the same way. I bet this list will color up your idea of love as whole.

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