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worldwide | Dec 27 - Dec 31, 2020
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Born To Be A Rockstar : Rina Suzuki


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This chick is definitely born to rock and roll. Make way for the scandalous Rina Suzuki (鈴木理菜). Born on August 21, 1991 and grew up in Nara Prefecture, Japan. She mastered the art of drumming for she was already playing since she was three. Although Rina is the youngest member of the group, she is bursting with talent. Rina is the official drummer resident and cutie of Scandal. What the crowd loves about her is that she always has a smile painted on her face. When the band is overcome by pressure, she always remain calm and composed. For her performing and music is nothing but love that you ignite with passion. She’s got a cheerful personality that is attracting more and more fans. This chick definitely rocks to the core.

Communicating with fans is necessary for Rina. That’s why, among the 4 of them, she is the most active in their blog. For her, the fans are the ones who made them who they are now. She is thankful for their unending support. That is why making sure that fans is always updated to her and the group is a job she happily does. Contentment and satisfaction is what she wants the fans to feel. Whether its onstage or backstage, they should leave the fans breathless. She even said that answering their fans make her more inspired and ready to put heat on the center stage. This girl surely knows how to spice things up.


Road To Fame

Over a million fans worldwide look up to them. Their fans club community is rapidly increasing day by day. That is why Scandal launched its first world tour in 2015 and staged sold-out concerts in ten cities, covering nine countries in the US, Europe and Asia. The all-girl band’s popularity had landed them on the pages of Rolling Stone, B=Pass and Guitar. They are labeled as one of the best music icons in the world. That is such an honor for surprisingly young artists.

One proof that they all have the pure talent is that all their eight albums debuted in the top 5 on the Oricon chart. Their latest one, called “Honey” ranked at No. 3. Its digital release had garnered nine No. 1 spots on the European charts (iTunes and Amazon World). Pretty cool considering these songs are Japanese and yet people around the world patronize them.

The band’s hometown is beaming with pride with their achievements. Said to be the third biggest J-rock fandom in the country. Even if they’re all popular and famous, they still love to play  live for their local fans. They always get giddy and all excited to witness Haruna Ono (main vocalist and guitar), Mami Sasazaki (lead guitarist), Tomomi Ogawa (bass guitarist) and Rina Suzuki (drummer).


Reasons to love Rina Suzuki



1. She loves the piano

She started playing the piano long before she started playing drums. It’s definitely her first love. During her first years at the band, she almost quit because she wasn’t so happy playing the drums. She didn’t think she could pull it off but she did. Now, she has her own signature drum kit from Pearl Drums.

2. Knows how to cook

They say people who are good in music, suck at cooking. But Rina surely  broke the stigma. It’s such a turn on when a lady knows how to cook, right?

3. She wants to be called “RINAX”

The mystery behind this code name is unknown. Although, we can speculate that this nick name has that punk rocky theme on it. Rina might think that this is a cool nick name suited for her punk rock spirit.

4. Drawn to Fantasy and Romantic films

It’s a typical girl thing to be drawn to romance and fantasy genre. That doesn’t excuse our resident drummer here. Sometimes, when on a way to their next tour, Rina watches films to relax and escape the rock and roll chaos. It creates balance between what she does.

5. A collector of bath salts

Bath salts are refreshing and satisfying to look at. Collecting them and putting them on display also adds a pop of color to a dull area. And it represents Rina. She is a vibrant person to add on a gloomy area.

6. She loves Bagel

The pure simplicity of this pastry is what’s making people drawn to it. Just a nice, tasty, pastry. And that is why Rina likes it. A simple food to spice up the complicated world of fame.


Must Have Pop Rock Garments You Should Have


rina suzukiPhoto source: scandal-heaven.com


Do you feel that pop rock urge going in your body? Lovin’ the pop rock music but can’t sing, dance or play instruments? No worries mate. We got ya! If you can’t play the part, then at least dress the part. So, we give you must have items you should have to hop on the pop rock vibe.

1. Studded boots

All that shining, shimmering studs add a lot of ‘pop” to a sleek outfit. Invest in one, you will be surprised how this can change your wardrobe and style.

2. Leather Jacket

Of course! the very thing a rock star must have is a comfy and funky looking leather jacket. This creates balance to a pop of color tees that you have.

3. Dr. Marten’s

This is a perfect substitute for the studded boots. And it goes pretty well with whatever clothes you can imagine.

4. Oversized colorful shirts

If you want to be a rock star but the funky one, then you should incorporate this statement to your outfit. Just to add a spice of color.

5. Tattered denim pants or shorts

This wardrobe works every time for a pop rock look. Definitely deserves to be on the list. It’s a win win situation.


Scandal Live in Manila

Now you’re all dressed like a total rock star, All you gonna do is buy tickets and attend the most phenomenon J-Band concert in manila. Get a grip on your tickets now. You don’t wanna miss this one.



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