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HARUNA: The Heart of Scandal


Well known as the lead vocalist of the famous all female Japanese rock band “Scandal“. This 29 year old protegee, is born in Aichi Prefecture, Japan. At a very young age, she started developing her passion for music and dancing. she attended Caless, a vocal and dance school in Osaka. It didn’t take forever for Haruna to shine. She was given the privilege to appear in a Japanese movie “Backdancers”. Later on, she met her adorable band mates, Mami, Tomomi and Rina during an audition. They decided to collaborate and perform live at local parks. That marks the start of their rise to fame. Due to Haruna’s noticeable charm and grace, they started getting more and more gigs. This results to signing a contract with Kitty Records. Then followed by larger recording companies. They also manage to balance career and studies at the same time. According to Haruna, education is still your number one weapon until you grow old because knowledge is the only thing that doesn’t fade with time. Scandal is a living proof that dreams can be reality if you work for it.

Everything you need to know about Haruna

Despite the fame and attention, Haruna is also a normal person like all of us, but sometimes fans can’t get enough of their idols. so we created this list for all the Haruna babies out there.


haruna onoPhoto cource: Reddit.com


Her real passion is dancing

She may be popular for her pop rock voice but not everyone knows that this cutie’s first love is dancing. She purposely went to Caless school to dance but is encouraged to be a singer. That is why we will notice some choreography on some of their music videos and live performances.

She is a Jonas Brothers fan

Who wouldn’t like Jonas Brothers? Every teenage girl’s crushes. Jonas Brothers became her inspiration to creating and performing pop rocks. But her total favorite among them is Nick Jonas. She even have posters of them in her room.

A huge fan of the late Michael Jackson

This wraps up why she loves dancing so much. and her favorite move? the infamous moon walk. She even attempts doing it before during their park performances.

Has a Lil’ bro

Hideto Ono no doubt got her sisters charm as well but he choose to live quietly behind the shadows of his big sisters fame. He likes soccer a lot and he is good at it.


haruna onoPhoto source: @kamiiisaka


One of her most prized possession is an iPod given by her Mom

She said on an interview that this ipod is what made her into music and whenever she sees it, she still can’t believe that she went this far already. As a result, she owes it to her mom who gave her the ipod as a present.

She has very poor eyesight

Due to reading a lot of anime. “It’s enough to make me can’t live my life without contact lenses or glasses!”. According to the starlet, she prefers wearing contacts as it is less hassle especially for a pop rock princess that does a lot of head banging and rocking.

Hates being wet

This still remains as a mystery to fans as to why she hates getting wet. Maybe she just hates a part of her body getting wet, say her hair for example? So no pool parties and beach excursions for the rock princess then.

Haruna is a leo baby

Leo babies are enthusiastic and affectionate about their work. They experience life with the whole of their enormous hearts. They are sensitive, proud of their achievements and often just a touch vain, she seems tough on the outside, but she is actually rather vulnerable on the inside.

She is a shy type person

Despite Haruna’s fierce and dominant personality on stage, Haruna is really a very shy and quiet person who prefers to often keep to herself. She can seem cold and distant to fans at first glance but is actually very friendly and thankful towards her fans and SCANDAL’s fans.

Has three piercings on her right ear

Piercings are also form of art and for some rock artists, it gives them a more pop rock vibe if they actually have piercings. Other than that, piercings are also very common in japan. It is also a fun way to accessorize.



During a recent interview, they ask the girls about what inspires them to create music. Their answer is very short and simple. “Books, movies, and conversations with friends”. Truly, they value their friendship with one another making the bond between them stronger. They inspire each other to be better. “We are a team, we are family” says Tomomi. We hope they continue creating masterpieces and make Japan proud.

Dream Big, Achieve Bigger

It is no doubt that Scandal is soaring high on the tabloids and arising on the big screen. This Japanese girl band is already at the peak of their career. With their ongoing world tour concerts, they are indeed unstoppable. They don’t just create music, they put life into it. On a recent interview of the band, Rina stated that “HELLO WORLD” songs represent themselves and that they aim to make international fans adore Japan more through them. Aside from that, it gives them joy to know that their fan club is getting bigger and bigger. Truly, Scandal is an inspiration to all the aspiring singers out there to keep dreaming big.

Scandal Live in Manila

Japan’s no. 1 female band, Scandal will finally be  holding its concert in Manila for the very first time this coming June 24, 2018 at SMX Convention Center Manila! Witness Haruna, Mami, Tomomi and Rina live on their Philippine leg under the name of SCANDAL ASIA TOUR “HONEY” 2018, promoting their newest album “Honey”.



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