Shawn Mendes World Tour Live In Manila

SM MOA Arena | Mar 18, 2017
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Canadian singer and songwriter Shawn Mendes is coming to the Philippines to serenade his fans for one night with his top hits.

We have waited far too long for Shawn Mendes and now that his rescheduled tour is finally set on March 18, 2017, we can finally scream with joy. Let the happy, hippie crowds roar loud and proud at MOA Arena as Shawn Mendes plays his catchy hits.

Young and talented Shawn Mendes will finally be having its first concert in the Philippines. Join Shawn Mendes World Tour Live in Manila and hear his teen sensations, “Treat You Better,” “Stitches,” “Never Be Alone,” “A Little Too Much,” “Something Big” among others.


Image source: One Music

Tickets are already up for sale at SM Tickets. While waiting for Shawn Mendes to set foot in Manila, what better way to keep yourself amped up with excitement than re-watching his music videos. Here’s Shawn Mendes with his top-rated song, “Treat You Better.”

Catch Shawn Mendes World Tour Live in Manila. This concert is brought to you by MMI Live.

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