Tagaytay Art Beat: What to Expect?

Museo Orlina, Tagaytay | Feb 8, 2020
Event Details

Are you a festival-goer? Have you been to many music festivals? What is your favorite art festival? Wondering where you can experience all different festivals in one event? Then you are in for a treat! Tagaytay Art Beat is one of the best destination festivals in the Philippines that offer music, art and party in one event.

tagaytay art beat

A Music Festival Like No Other

Headlining the music festival for Tagaytay Art Beat for this year are Autotelic (pop rock band with 6 million views on Youtube), Ang Bandang Shirley (indie rock band getting 730,000 views on Youtube), Reese Lansangan (indie pop musician, singer-songwriter, visual artist, graphic designer, fashion designer and published author), Bawal Clan (hiphop collective who wants to make an impact in Manila’s hiphop scene and getting 199,000 views on Youtube), Clara Benin whose “Closure” tops at 255,000 views on Youtube, and Lola Amour  with their modern rock, funk and pop music. There are also other artists playing together with them.

Eventurers will definitely enjoy the intimate setting while watching performances. There will also be jamming sessions with the artists so they can be more connected with their fans. Fans can surely get some tips from these artists on how to become a musician in today’s generation.

tagaytay art beat

Art Made More Appealing to Eventurers

One of the common confusion in an art festival or event is admissions very pricey and everything in there is also pricey. Tagaytay Art Beat wants to debunk that misunderstanding through their art festival. Museo Orlina sisters Ning and Anna confirmed on a press conference that not all art that will be displayed in Tagaytay Art Beat are expensive. They made sure that event-goers can enjoy the displays as well as purchase those arts they want on a reasonable price.

Some of the artists who will showcase their works are Katarina Estrada, Jappy Agoncillo, Angelica Alvarez, Jiu Arteche, Nina Bantoto, Miel Cabanes, Lee Caces, Mykie Concepcion and many more. Eventurers can also interact to the artist themselves while in the event.

Workshops and Other Activities

To further elevate the scene and the eventurers’ experience, Tagaytay Art Beat prepared more activities other than music and art festival. There will be photography workshops, sustainable tourism talks, live murals, local crafters, local food suppliers, and a lot more.

Everyone are excited for this fourth installment of the festival and hurrying to buy their tickets. You can buy Regular tickets at PHP 2,000.00. Tickets are available at ticket2me.net, ticketmelon.com, and mynila.com.

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