#TBT to the Best KPOP Songs of the 2000’s!

Worldwide | Jan 1 - Dec 31, 2020
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Because, admit it, 2000’s is the great wave of the best of KPOP – it’s millennial year. (Hands up, millenials!)


Yes, you are familiar with KPOP songs like “Fantastic Baby”, “Gangnam Style”, and “Gentleman”. The ones you heard all over the place and stuck in your head. Well, if you haven’t been around the scene, these songs were not the ones who started the craze all over the world – or the one we called hallyu.

Hallyu – Korean term for the phenomenon of the Korean wave

The groups and artists who created the wave because of their ~*talent*~ and made KPOP known to the world as a fun and colorful genre of music. And the ones who were the reason to our high standards when it comes to beauty – long haired guys and fair and skinny girls, yep. Remember when they introduce crazy fashion styles? – We’ll talk about that some other time. (LOL)

What a time to be alive! Feel nostalgic yet? The songs which are your soundtrack in high school, the OST of Korean dramas you always sing, and that catchy song you always dance in front of your friends.

Do you have that one song pop in your mind? But, can’t remember the title? Yes, that’s it! Now, let’s break them over, and take a trip down memory lane – to the 2000’s KPOP!


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