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Worldwide | Jan 1 - Dec 31, 2020
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The Best KPOP Songs of the 2000’s

1. Sorry, Sorry by Super Junior

“Sorry Sorry Sorry Sorry.. Naega naega naega meonjeo.. Nege nege nege ppajyeo.. Ppajyeo ppajyeo beoryeo baby!”

Up until to this day, new generations of KPOP and fans know this song! Because, it’s SUPER JUNIOR! And we think that this song is highest peak of SJ. They became so well-known around the world, especially in the Philippines. It has won Triple Crown in Korea for being popular in three consecutive weeks (and counting). As for the Philippines, it was #6 in the international countdown by MYX Philippines.

“Sorry, Sorry” became popular because of its catchy tune and cool and easy dance steps. The choreography is really easy to follow. Just follow these steps: bend your legs apart; rub your hands four times and move your upper body to right; and repeat. Easy-breezy! Have fun dancing!

Good news! Super Junior is having their much anticipated comeback on either late October or November. Better watch out!


2. Mirotic by TVXQ

“I got youuu~ under my skin~”

If we’re talking about hot – THESE GUYS is the answer! The strong vocals, the smooth moves, the abs, the ABS – OMG! and Kim “Hero” Jaejoong! This song was totally the bomb of 2008! It is TVXQ’s most critically successful album to date. The best-selling album of 2008 which tops the Korean Music charts with over 500,000 album sales. CRAZEY! Truly, the KINGS of KPOP.

Did you know that the word Mirotic is not really a word? It is a newly coined term that is a combination of “miro”(maze in Korean) and the english suffix “tic” which created by Jaejoong. And also, this song was banned in Korea due to the use of inappropriate words for minors such as “I got you under my skin”.  Yep, that’s true. But, still, tho, many idols of this generation perform Mirotic on TV shows and concerts. LEGENDS.


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