#TBT to the Best KPOP Songs of the 2000’s!

Worldwide | Jan 1 - Dec 31, 2020
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3. Replay by SHINee

“Noonan neomu yeppeo~ Micheo~ Replay~ Replay~ Replay~”

If we’re looking for cute boys – the babies of 2000s, SHINee! The group who snatched the hearts of every Noona! It’s about the boy’s feelings for an older girl – a love confession. It’s actually a sad song, tho. The boy is wavering to tell his feelings for the older girl so he’d just forget and say good bye. Sad, but the way they smile and dance, it’s so cute!

SHINee’s fashion style created a trend among young fans which features high-top sneakers, skinny jeans, and colorful sweaters. Definitely a trend maker idols!

Korean 101: Noona in Korea is a term used for a boy’s older sister. It’s like the opposite of Oppa which is used for a girl’s older brother. So, basically, SHINee is a dongsaeng, which is used for younger sibling or close friend. Ayt?


4. Lies by Bigbang; Wedding Dress by Taeyang; Heartbreaker by G-Dragon

“I’m so sorry but I love you~ da geojitmal~”

Remember that hip-hop group you couldn’t imagine you would be into? Yes, that group with cute rapper, panda boy, dancing machine, lead vocalist with cute eyes, and that boy with deep voice? Clue: the BANG of 2007!

Yep, that’s Bigbang. Let us guess… you’re thinking of GD, right? This is GD and the rest of Bigbang before they became one of the most admired groups of KPOP. In 2007, this is when they’ve won the Best Male Group of the year. Fantastic Baby!

Did you know that G-Dragon himself wrote this song? GD originally wrote this song for his solo act but YG Ent. decided it would suit the group better. Later, this song was even called as South Korea’s “most memorable song” and the “Song of the Decade” by Mnet. “Lies” is recognized as the song that placed Bigbang to the top and who they are today. It’s not a lie but the truth!


“Nega ibeun~ wedding~ dress~”

The King of Korean R&B – Taeyang! Like, OMG? Who’s not with me on this? Fite me! Tell me you’re not affected by his soulful voice and smooth sexy dance moves. Dong Young Bae is the Bae! We totally miss this era of him.

This was the anthem of all who was left out in friendzone of 2000s. It even has an English cover and other multiple covers due to its popularity.


“You’re my heart heart heart heart heart~ breaker~ Naega mwol jalmothaetneunji~”

He’s all by himself but it’s all good. The beginning of G-DRAGON FEVER! The song GD made for his first big break as a solo artist. Before there is GD as Forbe’s one of the most influential person, there was this blonde Heartbreaker. And he’s really breaking the hearts of everyone with his dating rumors. Bad Boy but still a Bae Bae.

GD is not just one of the most influential people in the world. He’s the one of a kind KPOP KING Kwon Ji-Yong. Why? Oh, read here.


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