The Best Animated Heroes Out There

Worldwide | Dec 27 - Dec 31, 2020
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Many of our favorite animated heroes have made it into our TV screen. Here are a list of the best animated heroes out there!

Meet My Own Animated Super Hero Dream Team

We love cartoons! From then till now!

Cartoons! Everyone loves cartoons. We used to spend hours in front of a television screen when we were kids. Cartoons became our friends! Weekday afternoons were spent hooked on noontime cartoon shows. Kids of every age would wake up early on Saturdays to catch the morning animated shows. Where would we be without cartoons? Boys had their robots and knights, girls had their ponies and rainbows. There was a cartoon for everyone and anyone!

A Trip Down Cartoon Memory Lane

Do you remember your favorite childhood cartoons? There are a ton on my list that would be my unforgettable 90s fave cartoons. One of the best ones I vividly remember is Visionaries! This cartoon talks about a mix between Arthurian legend, magic, and knights! The warriors in the show were imbued with magical powers that would turn them into animals! My favorite is the one that turned into a cheetah! He even had a staff with superpowers! Here is another one…Sky Commanders! Sky Commanders were soldiers with mechanized backpacks that let them zip line across mountains and cliffs! Our GIJOE toys would instantly be transformed to Sky Commanders as we would attach hooks to their backs and swing them down wires attached from the stairs to a nearby chair!

How about Bravestarr? Bravestarr has the strength of a bear, speed of a cheetah, eyes like a hawk, and more! Bravestarr would channel these animal spirits to gain various abilities to fight evil! Do not forget his trusty stallion friend who could also transform and shoot you with a shotgun! There are tons more like the Centurions, Swat Kats, GIJOE, and Captain Planet! We also loved the horde of Japanese anime robots out there! Shows like Voltes V, Daimos, Mazinger Z, and Voltron all keep us entertained during our cartoon watching!

A New Age of Heroes

Today we are in a new age of heroes. Cartoon characters have become modern and more powerful. Cartoons have become smoother and sleeker with the help of digital technology. The HD and LED television sets to make the viewing experience twenty times better today. And now we can watch these heroes at our own time and pleasure with online streaming technology! I love the Planeteers or the Dinobots. Everyone did in those days. Today meet my top picks for animated heroes this 2017!

Animated Dream Team

Son Goku

Goku was our first and favorite Saiyan!

Let’s start off with arguably one of the strongest characters ever created. Son Goku! Everybody knows this all-powerful Saiyan. His speed, power, energy, and love for life made him one of the classic favorites for decades now!

We saw Goku grow over the last 20 or so years. Goku was a child the first time we saw him. Children from all over the world followed his adventures. He rode around his yellow cloud, used his staff to defend against dinosaurs, and found his future wife! It was fun to watch Goku as a kid. He was funny and cute, and the comedy was just right for us as kids. Then it was time for him to grow up!

We were devastated the first time he died at the hands of Raditz. Remember the long time it took him to run through that snake road in Heaven? Everyone watched as he got married and bore his children. Goku and the gang all went through amazing transformations. These Saiyans surely know how to change their look! Super Saiyan one through three, Fusion Super Saiyan, and Super Saiyan Blue! Now they are all grown and the entire crew is defending their own universe in Dragon Ball Super! Last time we saw Goku achieve a brand new transformation. What could be next? Keep following Dragon Ball Super to find out more!


Naruto, Naruto Shippuden, and now Boruto! We watched Naruto grow up and achieve his dreams!

Photo via Reddit

Naruto is another wonderful character we have seen grow up over the years. I immediately fell in love with the world they created in the Naruto series. The setting was very original and the concept of a ninja world was very interesting. Enter Naruto! Naruto was a reckless kid who carried a heavy and lonely burden. The dynamics of the ninja academy and his classmates resonated with kids all over the world. The lessons in family, home, and country are strong and positive throughout the show. Then Naruto grew up!

Konoha has a new Hokage! Naruto eventually fulfilled his dream to become the leader and protector of his village. Boruto now carries the title of the show as his son. But Naruto is still to be feared! He has one of the most potent power sets in the entire how. He eclipsed the previous Kages in power levels when he was a teen. Now he and Sasuke are probably the strongest characters in the current show.

His skills as a shinobi are bar none. The Eight-Tails inside of him has achieved a perfect harmony with Naruto and now they are an unstoppable force. Do not forget that around Naruto are also some of the most talented and powerful ninjas at his side. His real power lies in his connection to the people around him and the loyalty he inspires.

The anime continues to thrive. The show still presents lessons about loyalty and family. Boruto carries on a strong tradition started by the ninja who never gives up…Naruto!


Kenshin. Shinta. Battousai. Slasher. The one and only Samurai X!

Samurai X is undoubtedly one of the most famous animes ever! The reverse-edged sword is a classic icon that fans all over the world know by heart. Samurai X first started off as a manga like many of the manga-anime successes. The story of a lone wanderer in feudal Japan was one of the first animes to truly leap off the screen and capture viewers worldwide. It has its own brand of historical fiction rooted in factual events and characters. But the sword slashing of the Hiten Mitsurugi Style caught us all by surprise and made us follow Kenshin’s every move.

How else can you not love a character like Kenshin? This assassin-turned-pacifist is one of the most interesting characters ever. He is hands-down the best swordsman of his time. Battousai possesses lightning-fast reflexes and an ultimate sword fighting style that outclasses any out there. Kenshin is triumphant over the many enemies in his many story arcs. He is both dark and serious. While he can also be funny and warm. I remember my favorite scene in all of the Samurai X shows, arcs, and any of the OVAs…the classic match between Kenshin and Saito in the dojo!

It has been reported that a brand new story arc will be released this year. What new adventures await Kenshin, Sano, Kaoru, and the rest of the gang? I guess we will find out soon enough!


Spiderman has had many cartoons to date. And there are no plans to stop!

Photo via Darkhorizons

Of course, I will pick Spiderman! Do you remember the very first Spiderman cartoon? The show had chunky animation and crude graphics compared to cartoons now. But it was the first time we could see Spiderman in action! The adventure of Peter Parker has always entertained viewers. Did you know that Spiderman is the flagship character of Marvel Comics? Yep! Spiderman has timeless stories and kids and adults alike hail the web-slinging hero as their favorite comic book character. I am very much included in that list!

Spiderman differs from a lot of heroes. He is not limited to his abilities or his powers. It is great to have spider-strength, spider-agility, and a unique spider-sense. But Peter Parker is also a brilliant scientist! His mind is as great a weapon as his fists or his webbing! The classic Spiderman cartoons showcased his basic story and adventures throughout many years. The Ultimate Spiderman show breathed new life into the Spiderman animated world and made new viewers familiar with the wall-crawler.

Marvel recently came to terms with Sony and regained rights to release a Spiderman film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. And so we had Spiderman: Homecoming! They will follow this up with an upcoming new Spiderman animated series inspired by Tom Holland’s Spiderman! I can’t wait to see it!


Robin has become Nightwing. And he leads the the team called Young Justice!

I hope you know by now that Dick Grayson used to be the original Robin. Now Dick Grayson is more popularly known as Nightwing! Robin was and is the long-time friend and partner of Batman. There has always been a Robin. And Dick Grayson was the first one! He finally stood out from the shadow of the bat and grew up to become his very own superhero. Nightwing!

A cartoon called Young Justice was released a few years back and many hailed it as an animation masterpiece. The characters were unique, the stories were great, and it was all in all a great show. Nightwing was on the show as the mentor and leader of the young heroes!

Nightwing learned from the best. He received martial arts and technological training from Batman himself. he is a world-class acrobat. Nightwing also possesses great detective skills and strong leadership abilities. The young group was placed under Nightwing’s care and he shone throughout the entire show. I would love to have Nightwing on my team. It would be like having a less angry, less brooding Batman! A more fun Batman!


Netflixhas revamped Voltron! It looks amazing!

Every team needs a big robot. Voltron is my big robot! I remember when I was a kid that I had this very cool Voltron toy. It had five unique lion pieces all in die-cast metal. You can transform them all to form Voltron: Defender of the Universe! You want to guess what we did with that heavy, precious, and expensive toy back then? We played with it of course! We would watch the cartoons on TV and mimic every move and battle stance that Voltron would make. Now the toy is lost and probably broken. So sad!

Voltron had many counterparts during his time. There were great robots as well such as Voltes V, Mazinger Z, Daimos, and of course all those Power Ranger Zords. But Voltron was my favorite! I loved the idea of having five unique lions coming together to form one big robot. It was so cool! We watched the show for a long time until they stopped making the cartoon and the shows ended.

Once again Netflix came to the rescue and released a brand new Voltron cartoon! Netflix came with completely new stories and technology to add to the Voltron saga. New digitized effects gave a bright and new look to the cartoon. New moves appeared and a new team was assembled to mount the mechanized lions. I watched the entire first season is a day or two. Someone tell me when the next season is coming, please!

Trevor Belmont

This Castlevania vampire hunter is the hero in the new animated show from Netflix!

Photo via iHorror

Do you remember playing Castlevania as a kid? I remember playing Castlevania first on the NES. You go around a dark castle armed with a whip and facing gruesome monsters. At the end of it all lies the ultimate evil…Dracula! You play the character of a line of vampire hunters called the Belmonts. The Belmonts sworn duty is to rid the world of all types of evil and Dracula was the lord of all darkness! He must be vanquished!

A whole line of Castlevania games came throughout the years. I was always a fan of vampire myths. So I loved playing the Castlevania games. I was delighted once again when I found out that Netflix would be releasing an original animated series called Castlevania! ANd guess who would be playing the main protagonist? Trevor Belmont!

I loved the show. Trevor plays an unlikely hero in the series. There is almost no drive in him and he seems reluctant to continue the family quest. He is even seen as a drunkard in the first episode of the series. But things quickly turned into an exciting tale of monsters, and magic, and of course…the undead! Trevor would find a strange ally in the immortal prince Alucard. He also has a very beautiful magician at his side! Trevor has knowledge, expertise, and techniques against all types of monsters. He would be a valuable asset in any superhero team!

Cartoon Heroes Inspire Us to Be Real Heroes!

I love watching heroes in animated shows because they show us what we can be. They show us that there is a hero in all of us and we can fight the good fight no matter who or where we are!

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