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Worldwide | Dec 27 - Dec 31, 2020
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SCANDAL’s Bass Prodigy

Born in Hyōgo Prefecture, 27 year old Tomomi Ogawa is rocking the world. She was enrolled at a talent school in Osaka named Caless. It is destiny that brought her to that same school where she met her Scandal band mates. Tomomi is the bass and writer of majority of SCANDAL’s songs.

Like Haruna Ono, she also wants to be a professional dancer; but being a bass guitarist is her calling. Rock n’ roll opened a new path for her which she is grateful. Despite being a singer and guitarist, her dancing skills can be observed while performing with her amazing and graceful movements. Tomomi has a very sweet and kinda voice that is easy to like. Fans all over the world love their tandem. Together with Haruna, their voices become a very perfect combination. She typically leads in solo parts of SCANDAL‘s songs while playing the bass effortless.


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Career and Fame

Tomomi started her fondness of playing the guitar at an early age. Her parents supported all her music endeavors. They are her number one supporter. Encouraging her passion for music while enjoying herself is what they want for Tomomi. When she collaborated with the other Scandal members during 2006, not only her parents, but also the crowd adored her. This was the start of their rise to fame. They started getting more and more gigs and even appeared on screen. She also played solo in numerous songs. Her talent was noticed by Oricon and Fuji TV.

On March 11, 2014, Tomomi Ogawa became the new bassist of the Domoto Brothers Band, the house band that plays for the Sunday night TV musical variety show Shin Domoto Kyodai. The variety show is hosted by Koichi Domoto and Tsuyoshi Domoto.

Tomomi Ogawa Fun Facts

It is our personalities that captures the heart. That is why the people fell in love with babe Tomomi Ogawa. Her pleasing personality is very much adored. We know her as an awesome bass guitarist and singer; and that she is very cute. But there’s more to Tomomi than meets the eye. Let’s get to know her more with the fun facts we compiled just for you!

She is a Gemini baby

Geminis’ are known to be expressive and quick-witted. Tomomi is one good example; she is great in expressing her feelings, and she does most of the time through music. Gemini represents two different personalities in one and you will never be sure which one you will face. Everyone has their good side and bad. She is sociable, communicative and ready for fun, with a tendency to suddenly get serious. Her thoughtfulness and restlessness is also written in the stars.

She loves the art of sketching but is not good at it

You know what they always say. “You can never have it all”. Tomomi is fond of sketches and looking at other artists’ drawing and painting. She loves it! However, she might be gifted with the guitar, she happens to be the worst at pens and pencils. Rina said in an interview that Tomomi is the worst in drawing among them. Oh well, at least she got that rock and roll voice.

Strawberry and nata de coco for Tomomi

Who doesn’t like strawberries? It is definitely a comfort food for every little girl. Even now that she is a fully grown woman, Tomomi still adores strawberry and nata. Strawberry cake, strawberry drink, strawberry biscuits, you name it. Anything that has strawberries in them attracts Tomomi. It is definitely her comfort food. and her to go food as well.

Always playful and goofs around

Haruna describes her as their “happy pill”. Whenever they practice for upcoming jams, band practice is never the same without Tomomi. She always make her band mates laugh. She is a very outgoing person. You can’t miss her sunny disposition. Even in times of trouble and weariness, she remains as their little dose of sunshine.

Her bass’ name is Masaya-kun and later changed it to Yuusuke-kun

This is a “thing” for rock and roll princesses. They name their precious musical instruments. By naming them, they feel the connection with the instruments. It isn’t just an item. It contributed to who they are right now.


Tomomi the unstoppable

She is definitely one of the best bass player in the world. Watch her perform live and you will see her skill and pure talent. Although there are more than a few notable women among Japanese bassist, Tomomi is winning the heart and soul of the public, not only with her playing and singing skills, but also with her shining personality. Seeing her live on stage is such a precious thing to behold. She is really enjoying what she is doing, and passionate about the art of music. The ember of passion within her turns to flame the moment she touches her guitar. She is so energetic. We couldn’t wait to watch her in her concerts.


Her Inspiration

Tomomi’s inspiration is Flea from Red Hot Chili Peppers which is also the reason why her bass playing is almost similar (though a big difference) like him. Also, other artists inspire her to be the best that she can be.


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