My Top 7 Marvel Cinematic Universe Movie Picks

Nationwide | Dec 27 - Dec 31, 2020
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My Top 7 Marvel Cinematic Universe Movies List

The Marvel Cinematic Universe keeps on expanding!

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A First Few Films

Marvel Studios has made some of the most successful films in recent years. The first Iron Man film debuted in 2008 and it steamrolled past the box office! There have been many attempts over the years to create a Marvel movie universe. The first Spiderman films starring Tobey McGuire was well-received and gave us the first glimpse at a modern live-action Marvel movie! But the Spiderman films were under Sony Pictures. And although Stan Lee made his iconic cameos, the films were not entirely part of the Marvel family.

There were other Marvel-based films over the years before Marvel Studios took over. We had the first X-Men movies, a few Blade movies starring Wesley Snipes, and Daredevil and Elektra. All these films were cool and fun to watch but seemed to lack that ‘universal’ touch that made the Marvel Universe great in the comics. They seemed disconnected and out of tune with one another.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe

A whole array of films have been planned since 2008 all the way to 2020 and beyond!

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Enter the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The first Iron Man film ushered in a new era of development of Marvel films. The movies are no longer independent and disjointed. Every character and every story became interconnected. Events reverberated throughout several films and different heroes. We even saw the events in films having an effect in the various Marvel-based TV series such as Agents of SHIELD and the Netflix shows of Daredevil and the rest of the Defenders.

And now more than 15 films have been released by Marvel Studios and there are plans to release new movies with new characters well into 2020 and beyond. Today we have three Iron Man films. There are also three Captain America movies. Two Guardians of the Galaxy movies have been released. The Avengers joined forces twice with a third and much-anticipated Infinity War to be released next year. Ant-Man, Doctor Strange, and Spiderman made their debuts as well. And the next and third Thor film will be released next month! So before we catch the next Marvel Cinematic Universe film, let us do a rundown on my top 7 personal picks of the best Marvel films to date!

Top 7 Marvel Cinematic Universe Films

Iron Man 3

One of the best scenes is seeing Gwyneth Paltrow throw it down as a super-powered Pepper Potts

We can find the latest Iron Man film at the top of the list! There have been three Iron Man movies so far. All of these films star the one and only Robert Downey Jr. He was the first face of the unified Marvel Cinematic Universe. And he is now known as the one and only Tony Stark! The third film in the Iron Man franchise tells the story of Iron Man after the New York incident showed in the Avengers. After curing himself of the deadly effects of his arc reactor in Iron Man 2, Tony decides to join the Avengers and SHIELD. But in this third film, tensions rose between him and the relationship he was building with his sweetheart Pepper Potts!

In a climactic final battle, Tony Stark commanded all his suits to fight the evil Mandarin a.k.a. Killian. We would have loved to see an actual Mandarin with magical rings fighting Iron Man, but maybe someday eh? Back to the movie. The whole harbor battle scene was glorious to watch. Dozens of Iron Man armors descended on the battlefield and battled the villainous forces. And despite the wishy-washy plot or the weird PTSD thing going on with Tony, that whole armor scene saved the film and gave it a spot on our list!

My Favorite Scene: The Mk 42 armor flying around and equipping itself on Tony as he readies for battle!


Thor pairs off with the beautiful Natalie Portman in his quest to regain worthiness!

Marvel and Disney have a knack for casting the perfect person for a role. We were all elated to see that they did not make a mistake when choosing Chris Hemsworth as Thor! One look at him and you can see that he has all the qualities of a mythological Asgardian prince! It was a complete treat to see Asgard for the first time. We only used to see Asgard on print in the comics. But in the film, we saw it in all its glory! Odin also took center stage as the great Anthony Hopkins stood tall to teach the arrogant and young Thor a lesson by banishing him to Earth.

Do you know who found Thor as he crashes landed (yet again) in the US? None other than the beautiful and my forever crush Natalie Portman! Natalie Portman was another great casting choice to play Thor’s love interest. Jane Foster was instrumental in the journey of humility that Thor went through to ear back his hammer. And once he was worthy enough, Thor wielded hi might Mjolnir and crushed the Destroyer!

My Favorite Scene: Thor laying his hammer on Loki so the Prince of Lies couldn’t get up!

Guardians of the Galaxy

I am Groot! I am Groot! I am Groot!

Guardians of the Galaxy brought a whole sound to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. After the initial success of the first few Marvel films, they brought in a relatively unknown group and made it into a movie! This bold move soon paid off as the movie was an instant hit! The space odyssey vibe and the dysfunctional funny members of the group made the movie very entertaining to watch! Casting Chris Pratt as the wise-cracking Star-Lord was a gem for the movie. A sequel quickly followed showing us more interaction between STar Lord, Drax, Gamora, Rocket, and Groot…better known as the Guardians of the Galaxy!

My Favorite Scene: “I am not a Thesaurus!”

Doctor Strange

Benedict Cumberbatch is super perfect for the role of Doctor Stephen Strange!

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No other actor in the world could have played Doctor Strange better than Benedict Cumberbatch! The famous Sherlock Holmes now turns his powers inward to become the Sorcerer Supreme! Cumberbatch brought a poise and a confidence to the character that cannot be matched! The transition from proud doctor to a humble student was perfectly done. There were gorgeous amounts of visual action that sent us on a kaleidoscopic journey around the world. The comedy was done just right to bring great humor to the scenes. Doctor Strange became another smash hit for Marvel Studios!

Of course, I have to add that we did not miss the wonderful presence of the radiant Rachel McAdams in the film. She played the good Doctor’s love interest and confidante, and I am eager to see more of her in the upcoming movies ahead!

My Favorite Scene: The Cloak of Levitation flying around and saving Stephen Strange!


The Avengers! When a for becomes too great for a single hero, they unite and become The Avengers!

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The whole world begged and waited for the Avengers. Ever since Samuel L. Jackson’s Nick Fury waltzed into Tony Stark’s office, we all knew there would be an Avengers. Of course, Marvel needed to lay some groundwork first. The studio needed to tell Captain America’s origin story before they could move forward. Thor had to be worthy of his hammer. And Tony needed to start building the Stark Tower. But when all these pieces were done…enter the Avengers!

Hulk. Iron-Man. Hawkeye. Black Widow. Captain America. Thor. Meet the Earth’s Mightiest Heroes…the Avengers! The film blasted box-office records to bits! The team had funny chemistry and the characters all blend into one another creating an endless source of dynamic action scenes and witty comedy! Seeing the Avengers on-screen was just what the world was waiting for.

My Favorite Scene: Iron Man firing repulsor rays into Cap’s shield reflecting into energy beams into enemies!

Avengers: Age of Ultron

A vicious AI wants to destroy the world. And the Avengers are on the scene to stop him!

The Avengers faced another world=ending challenge! The team has been living well together and celebrated a huge victory. In that moment a new enemy emerged taking the form of a mechanized suit and called himself Ultron! Of course Tony Stark and Bruce Banner had to do something about this! After many conflicts, they managed to pull themselves together and create a new Avenger…Vision! Jarvis now became the high-flying Vision! The team now included Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver in their rosters and fought against hundreds of Ultron robots!

This Avengers film stoked many emotions and feelings throughout the film. IT dealt a little bit more about loss, and responsibility than the previous Avengers film. The message throughout the movie was clear and gave more depth to a superhero movie than just having explosions and powers. But the issue is not yet over, we will address more questions about the roles of heroes in the next film on our list!

My Favorite Scene: Everyone trying to lift Thor’s Hammer during the party!

Captain America: Civil War

The epic Marvel Comics event became one of the biggest Marvel Studios movies ever!

The Captain America: Civil War film was one of the most successful Marvel films ever. The characters played their parts well and had enough screen time. Imagine the difficulty putting all the scenes together with these many characters. But the end result was one great movie with many awesome and eye-opening moments! I love how they introduced Black Panther and Wakanda into the fold. The conflict between Bucky and T’Challa had so many layers that watching them chase each other in super-powered fashion was a treat. And did I mention that there was a huge fight scene that involved almost all of the Marvel heroes we have seen so far? Yes! It was both grand and saddening to see Iron Man and Cap forced to take sides and go against each other.

But wait. There is more! For the first time in a long time, Spider-man made his Marvel Studios debut! After a long and grueling exercise in film right, Sony finally paired up with Marvel and we had our very own Peter Parker back in action and it was such a sight to see that I had tears in my eyes!

My Favorite Scene: Peter meeting Tony for the first time!

Captain America: Winter Soldier

This film was more than a superhero movie. It was a great piece of storytelling!

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I can remember that I watched Captain America: The Winter Soldier at least three times in the cinemas. The opening scenes of Cap running and exercising with the future Falcon was a great introduction. The movie then continued to become exciting, conflict-driven and was more like a great spy/soldier movie than a regular superhero film. The Russo Brothers definitely knew what they were doing when they agreed to helm this movie.

The film had many dimensions that contributed to its overall appeal. Captain America: The Winter Soldier is and will remain to be one of my top picks for any superhero genre.

My Favorite Scene: The one-man ship assault by Cap in the beginning.

Spider-Man: Homecoming

Finally! Spiderman is back where he belongs in the Marvel Cinematics Universe!

Finally! Spiderman is back with Marvel Studios! Tobey McGuire had a great run as Spiderman. This resulted in three great fims that introduced the world to a modern Spiderman. Andrew Garfield took on the role next and even had Emma Stone play the lovely Gwen Stacy! And now we have a great chance to hit the reset button with the talented Tom Holland! He was fun, and light, and true to the Spiderman genre. Watching him interact with Tony Stark as his mentor was also a delight as their chemistry is unmistakable on-screen.

We have received news that we will see more of Tom Holland’s Spiderman in the future. And we cannot wait! Plus have you seen Michael Keaton’s take on the Vulture? Where else will you see your friendly neighborhood Spiderman face off against the Dark Knight?

My Favorite Scene: “Guy in the chair!”

More Marvel is Coming

Yes, true believers! As Stan Lee would say, the true believers will get more of Marvel! Thor: Ragnarok is showing this year! Black Panther will follow shortly after. And next year we will have the biggest Marvel Movie event so far in Avengers: Infinity War!

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