Why You Should Watch Jessica McGovern’s Flour Power on Pop Life TV?

Pop Life TV | Dec 12 - Dec 31, 2020
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This show takes you back to 1950’s, darling!

Dolled up in 1950s-inspired garb and movie good pincurls, McGovern favors recipes that might offer you cavities by association: suppose blueberry-cream cheese pastry, carrot cake with caramel drip, raspberry-chocolate ganache cake, s’mores bars and chocolate-chip cookies, among others. The inspirations for her confections square measure international.

Flour Power is a fun, stylish, and playful series that is all about sharing the love and joy of baking. Of all the hobbies filling Jessica McGovern’s time —acting, singing, dancing, playing piano and kung fu —she chose in her new TV series to focus on the one that would give her the liberty to explore and exercise her love in the kitchen.


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Jessica proves just how easy baking can be, Jessica effortlessly bakes up three delightful desserts in each episode. Whether you need a simple, delicious treat for your children’s bake sale or an extravagant masterpiece for an elegant dinner party, Flour Power offers impressive recipes for every occasion.

She’s a woman of many talents. An accomplished actress, singer and dancer, she also holds a Masters in Journalism. When she isn’t playing piano or practicing kung-fu, she’s running workshops in her baking school, Lincoln Apartment Bakery in Montreal.

While baking is her greatest passion, and to quote from an interview, “I am helplessly addicted to sugar. My poor dad is a dentist, so he’d kill me, but I’m giving business to dentists!” Her love for adventure had taken her around the world. She has traveled to almost every continent, teaching English as a second language and developing her baking talent, picking up tips from Australia to Africa.

Flour Power shows us that baking doesn’t have to be perfect or complex — you can mess up and it can still turn out great. While you can follow Jessica’s recipes while you’re seeing all of that whimsical retro theme, ultimately it’s all about the chewy, chocolately, creamy, crispy, sticky, tart, velvety elements of homemade, baked treats.

Call her the cake whisperer. Jessica McGovern is all about simplicity. She can coax elegant layer cakes, mini cupcakes, frosted loaves and fruit-studded tarts out of one simple recipe that calls for just four ingredients.

At her baking school, she demystifies the art of baking. Her classes, for beginners and experts alike, are fun, hands-on session for small groups where everyone gets involved measuring, sifting, mixing. She chooses only recipes that are quick to make and won’t be messed up by a mistake or two and calls for ingredients readily available at the grocery store.


The whole point is to get people baking at home. Just for the fun of it.

This quadruple-threat person is here to escape the doldrums of everyday life and indulge in the whimsical dream of Flour Power. It’ll be the sweetest half-hour of your day!

If you want to have a lovely day, start it with watching Flour Power with Jessica McGovern. Try out the recipes she will make in each episode and invite your friends over to eat with you! A little judgment won’t harm you. Use it to improve your baking skills. After all, that is all about baking anyway.


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