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Philippine Cinemas Nationwide | Jun 1, 2017
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She Needed A Hero. So She Became One.


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Ever since her first appearance as the Amazonian Warrior Princess in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice in 2016, the world could not get enough of Gal Gadot and her magnificent portrayal of the iconic DC super-heroine Wonder Woman. The good news is that she will reprise her role in a stand-alone film that will follow the story of Diana Prince aka Wonder Woman before her time with the Justice League. The bad news is that you’ll probably have to wait until June 1, 2017 to see this movie.

Movie Information

Directed by Patty Jenkins (Monster 2003, Five 2011) with screenplay written by Allan Heinberg (Grey’s Anatomy 2005, The O.C 2003) and DC Comics Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns based on a story by Heinberg, Zack Snyder (Man of Steel 2013, Watchmen 2009) and Jason Fuchs (La La Land 2016), Wonder Woman will officially be the fourth installment in the DC Extended Universe.



Opposite Gal Gadot is one of the screen’s all-time dreamboat Chris Pine playing the role of Steve Trevor, a charming American military pilot that will introduce Diana Prince to a world outside of her Amazonian island. The cast will also include Connie Nielsen playing the Amazonian Queen Hippolyta, Robin Wright, David Thewlis and Danny Huston to name a few.



With a film directed by a woman about a super woman, this film really screams feminism all over. The question in everyone’s mind is if this decision will actually live up to the fan’s expectation and set up the world for the Justice League movie or if it will be yet another let down.

Watch the official trailer here!


So, you be the judge and catch Wonder Woman. Coming this June 1 in theaters nationwide by Warner Bros Pictures, a Warner Bros Entertainment Company. Also, don’t forget to follow and share YuneOh and keep updates about the upcoming movies, series and events. We are one click away at www.YuneOh.com!

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