It’s never too late to become an Eventurer! Never say “dunno” again! Always be in the know and on the go on the latest events in and out of the country. Join our community, connect with other Eventurers (event adventurers) and share your own tips and tricks for every event happening!


YUNEOH.COM is a dynamic events portal dedicated to the event and adventure-hungry millennial. It’s a portal wherein Eventurers (Event Adventurers) get to experience the hottest events and deals suggestions, timely story features and information, and exclusive Eventurer essentials that will equip them to always be in the know and on the go.

Who are the Eventurers?

Eventurers (or event adventurers) are the people who never miss an opportunity to experience great and valuable events wherein they can enjoy themselves, indulge their passion and be one with a community. Eventurers will always take on the challenge of looking-out for the best experiences in any event. They are a firm believer of saying “NO to FOMO.”

How can I become an Eventurer?

It’s easy to be a YuneOh Eventurer! You just have to sign up here. We’re thrilled to have you on board!

What are the benefits of being an Eventurer?

These are the benefits of becoming an Eventurer:

  • You’ll always be in the know – You’ll never miss out on the biggest events happening in and out of the country. YUNEOH.COM erases your FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) with our extensive and up-to-date events portal. The event that you want is just a search away!
  • You’ll always be on the go – YUNEOH.COM gives you YOLO (You Only Live Once) moments to rave about. You’ll find ways on how to be event-ready through us because we will give you special deals, inside info, and other event hacks to prepare you on your next eventure!

What are YUNEOH.COM’s core categories?

YUNEOH.COM provides Eventurers online listing of the most-awaited upcoming and on-going events related to Watch (film events, movies and series), Eat (food events, cafe and restaurant deals and buffet promos), Shop (lifestyle events and shopping deals), Travel (festival events and travel deals), Geek Out (comics and toy conventions, cosplay events, and gaming tournaments) and Fun Holidays. It enables Eventurers to be always event-ready with helpful event information, event highlights and event reviews.

How can I be a contributor for YUNEOH.COM? What are the requirements?

We gladly accept content contributors who can provide us with event details, blog articles, event photos and event videos. Just follow the directions below on how to contribute and we shall notify you once you’re event/story/photo/video has been accepted and posted.

For those who would like to contribute event features in the form of blog articles, photos and videos:

Email us the following details to edelynne.escartin@access.net.ph

  • Name
  • Contact Number
  • Email Address
  • Interest
  • Blog URL (if any)
  • Portfolio (if any)


Do give our content specialists time to review your submitted content. Approved content will be posted on the site within 24-36 hours from submission.

Do you do sponsorships or media partnerships to promote upcoming events?

Yes, we do media partnerships and/or sponsorships to help promote your event. You can just email the following details to: edelynne.escartin@access.net.ph


Information about the event:

  1. Event Title
  2. Event Date
  3. Event Location
  4. Contact Person
  5. Contact Details
  6. Profile of the event (if any)