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Cinemas | Mar 24 - Dec 15, 2017
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More and more video games are making their way to the big screen. And they have been huge blockbuster successes! Let’s take a look at which ones were great, which ones are coming, and which ones should be made!


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We think these past video game movies were awesome. And we think these next few ideas would be great additions to the list!


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Fallout 4 would make for a great post-apocalyptic piece! While Skyrim’s huge landscapes and winged dragons are sure to be a great adventure film. Shadow of Mordor would also be a great addition to the Lord of the Rings franchise! These would be great!

But in real life, these new video game films are actually coming your way! Check them out! The Ghost in the Shell trailer has been released! So keep your heads up for more news about Pokemon and Full Metal Alchemist only at YuneOh!


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YuneOh keeps you updated on all the gaming and anime-related films that are out there! Because we are also certified gaming geeks! So keep on viewing our website and our Facebook page for news!

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