Art Fair Philippines 2017

5F - 7F Roofdeck, The Link Carpark, Ayala Center, Makati City | Feb 16 - Feb 19, 2017
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February is a love month for all sorts: first, we show love for the special people in our lives.  For those who care enough to know, this month is also autism awareness month, specifically aimed to foster the community of families who looks for the welfare of people with special needs. And finally, we commemorate our love for arts and culture. Simply put, let’s bridge the gap of things aforementioned: love, families, and art, and altogether, experience 10 Days of Art from February 9-19, 2017 all throughout the Metro.

Art Fair Philippines 2017

Image source: Art Fair PH

Art Fair Philippines is a yearly celebration of the Metro’s biggest art show putting contemporary Filipino artists to light. Since it started in 2013, it attracted a number young, urban crowd, eager-eyed students, and old-time folks to fascinate over art, which sometimes, looks and feels larger than life. To make art accessible to everyone, it partnered with museums and restaurant establishments for special events and exhibition openings. Find out more on 10 Days of Art

Art Fair Philippines 2017

Image source: Art Fair PH,(Patricia-Perez-Eustaquio.jpg), (Agnes-Arellano.jpg), (Maria-Jeona-Zoleta.jpg),  (Mark-Valenzuela.jpg), and (Dex-Fernandez.jpg)

The usual four-day bonanza will still commence on The Link, and you get access to 46 galleries of our national talents, 12 critically-acclaimed international galleries, PLUS, featured Filipino artists who are also making a name for themselves on the international scale. Here are some of the names and their projects to watch out for: Patricia Perez Eustaquio for her playfully woven fabric designs with abstract sculpture, Mark Valenzuela for his nomadic expressions of ceramic installations and paintings, Agnes Arellano for her feminine subjects with spiritual and erotic touch of female awakening, Maria iJeona Zoleta for her colorful portrayals of pop culture, post-feminism, and private, personal stuff that speaks to you in a light and breezy manner, and lastly, Dex Fernandez, known for his Garapata (tick) masterpiece, will produce an on-the-spot animated video that explores the interaction between strangers and artists.

You may not be an artist like them, but you are an art aficionado, and that alone, can help contribute to this noble cause of empowering arts by visiting Art Fair Philippines 2017 on February 16-19.


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You can also participate in Art Fair Ph tours made available.

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