Basic Leather Crafting

Craft MNL Workshop Space, Makati | Feb 12, 2017
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Basic Leather Crafting

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Admit it. Leather adds a bit of class to anything clad in it. From car seats to jackets, bags to body-fitting pants, Leather adds a bit of appeal with a capital A. For those interested in achieving that effect, Craft MNL will hold a Basic Leather Crafting Workshop at their Makati Space.

But since animal hide of excellent quality is difficult to produce, the resource and the process makes the final product very expensive. Then, there’s also the fact that cattle raising is apparently a great contributor to the global warming phenomenon (you know, gassy cows) so the whole thing is not sustainable.

Basic Leather Crafting

Image source: Leather Crafters

But that should not stop you from producing good quality crafts. Just because animal leather is expensive and not sustainable, doesn’t mean you have to stop all your plans of looking chic and stylish.

Here are a number of alternative leather products that are more sustainable and less expensive:

  1. Water Lily/Water Hyacinth
  2. Though commonly associated with frogs and ponds, this plant is already being exploited as an alternative source of leather-like material, which also has water-resistant properties.

  3. Paper
  4. No, your quest for leather won’t end up as an exercise in origami. Maybe closer to papier-mache, though.

  5. Cork
  6. Next on the best-seller list: A bag that doubles as a bulletin board. The multicolor push pins add a sense of style to your already-different design.

  7. Pineapple Fiber
  8. Now you know what to do with the old barongs nobody wants to wear anymore.

  9. Mushrooms
  10. There’s a product called MuSkin that is softer and more environment-friendly that animal hide. Another business idea: little bags topping cheese pizzas. Two-in-one deal!

Basic Leather Crafting

Image source: Rakuten

Whatever kind of leather suits your style, you might want to learn the basics of how to make it from Craft MNL.

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