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International | Nov 26, 2017
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Cake day gives you an excuse to delve into the sugar finery of the culinary arts which is non-other than cake. Get to know the evolution of this nautical scrumptious delicacy asap!


Cake day is one of the greatest holidays ever thought of, and it starts on November 26. There is no better excuse to snarf down a whole cake than this. The origins of this holiday remain unknown so whoever thought of this event a major salute to you! Let us give respect to our greatest companion in heartaches and disappointments. In the manner of learning its history.

Did you know that during earlier times cakes adapt the texture of bread with honey? These cakes at that time functions for religious and cultural purposes. In religious ceremonies, cakes are usually round in shape since it was molded by hand. But today, cakes are a culinary specialty and the advance in technology makes it more mouthwatering and the designs intricate.

Presently, a cake is now seen as a symbol for celebration. Most events such as birthdays, anniversaries and weddings often feature cakes. Makes you want to celebrate every little thing don’t you? Hey, what the heck, its cake day, celebrate the fact that you finally took a bath.

This event does not limit itself to the physical world but also on the internet. Celebrating cake day according to Reddit however, is a time of cute pet photos, friends, and family togetherness. Possibly even procrastinating for you to watch the cuteness online. Thank goodness its digital, or the calories will just require hours of exercise and turmoil. If it is your cake day at this time, spoil yourself a bit. If the sugary cake is too much of a fitness scare try to relax. Forget that chocolate oozing cake with caramel syrup or that mango float you don’t deserve for getting through strife.


Wondering where to get your cake? Don’t worry Starbucks got your back! Aside from gaining humongous popularity in the Philippines. Starbucks also offers a friendly and warm ambiance, partner it up with their delicious cakes and you have a match made in heaven. If you are curious about their item deals to feel free to visit the event description of Starbucks.

Photo vi Newbee Baking and Cooking

Another option would be the Newbee Expo where baking demonstrations will be made. Now there’s something worth learning about. In this event, a swarm of cooks and bakers support each other through discussions and networking. Proving that this is a must go for all you food lovers out there.

Photo via World Food Expo

Expos sounds like fun, so here’s more! Try attending the World Food Expo its a food bazaar with numerous activity areas plus, it showcases the best home-grown products. For sure, the cakes here will tickle your taste buds.

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