Earth Day

Worldwide | Apr 22, 2017
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A Day for the Whole World

Every year, the whole world raises its voices together to show concern for the planet. Aptly called Earth Day, the celebration is more like a protest against the destruction of the only home we, as citizens of this planet, truly have. Here’s some event information on how legit of a celebration Earth Day is.

Things that make Earth Day a Legit Celebration

Earth Day
Earth Day Vancouver

1. It has its own flag.

How can you not take this seriously? It has its own flag! Just like any internationally recognized country, or the pirates in the open seas, or the LGBT Pride March, or Nuclear Disarmament (aka the Peace Sign), Earth Day has a wave-able, banner-able flag for all the world to see.

Earth Day
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2. It has its own anthem. (Two of them, actually)

The lyrics of the main anthem were penned by Poet-Diplomat Abhay Kumar of India, which in turn have been recognized by many countries. The words have been translated into many of the worlds languages, so as to get as many people involved as possible. A second anthem has also been recognized, with separate set of lyrics set to the music of Beethoven’s “Ode to Joy”.

Earth Day
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3. The whole world celebrates it.

It can’t be Earth Day if only one or two nations give it the time of day, right? A yearly participation of more than 193 of the world’s countries give Earth Day its just claim. What used to be celebrated by countries on their own and on different dates is now set to April 22, to allow most countries’ students (who are on break from school) to participate as well.

What will you do to help save the only real home you have? Participate in the events and celebrations, or make your own voice be heard. But you have to do something, as the whole world will too.

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