Glamcon MNL 2018

Sm Aura SMX Convention Center, Taguig | Jan 21, 2018
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Want to be part of the first ever beauty convention in the Philippines? Then mark your calendars and attend GLAMCON MNL 2018! This event celebrates this country’s beauty community. It is a gathering of talented people, amazing local and international beauty brands, makeup junkies, beauty bloggers, vloggers and all around beauty advocates and more.

Moreover, GlamCon is a venue for diversity, self-expression, individuality, body positivity, loads of learning, and tons of loving for people that share the same enthusiasm for awesomeness. It is a community that embraces various means of empowering individuals of all ages and from different walks of life through the power of makeup and the art of being plain fabulous!


But of course! GLAMCON MNL 2018 wouldn’t be complete without some beauty gurus invited over. First off, Jessica Godinez.

Who wouldn’t notice Jessica once she enters the room, right? With her cool shades of lippies, varying hair colors, and striking smile – she sure is one of a kind influencer. She always believed, “Less is more” when it comes to beauty decisions.

Jessica has been famous for her celebrity make-up tutorials and make-up challenge. Make sure you catch this lovely guru in person at Glamcon MNL 2018

In addition to the talented beauty gurus, is Michelle Dy. Who can ever not know this fabulous beauty YouTuber – whose influence among youth is incomparable. Currently having 650,000 subscribers, viewers kept visiting her page for the trendiest look of this generation, and of course, some tipid tips yet quality make-up, every Filipina teens are wanting for.

Kris Lumagui now has 125,000 YouTube subscibers, famous for her skincare and travel vlogs. In an interview, she told that few of her inspirations were Michelle Phan, Desi Perkins, NikkieTutorials and more. She think everyone should realize the value of kindness and generosity. No amount of makeup can cover an ugly heart. Hear more of her at the Glamcon MNL 2018.

Same goes with Isha Borromeo with 239,000 subscribers, famous for her fun and entertaining fashion and beauty vlogs too.

One of our favorite mumshies, Anne Clutz will also be gracing the stage together with Ana Victorino, Raiza Contawi, Plump, Nina Rayos, and Kristine Roces.


Aside from the meet-and-greets with the top beauty vloggers in the country, anyone who is going to attend the event can get the chance to hear the biggest talks and discussions at the GlamCon’s main stage.

There will also be a Glam School stage for a more intimate and informative venue. This stage aims to share some make-up hacks, tutorials and on-the-spot demos. Perfect for those who wanted to take their make-up on a different level.

Most importantly, there is a Beauty and Activity Pods. It is an interactive space where GlamCon-goers can enjoy fun games and activities. Activities include interaction with their favorite local and international brands. Get the chance to score amazing deals, and discover tips on how to use their products more effectively.


Moreover, this event would not be possible without the help of Aracan Events. Aracan, a newly-founded partnership between individuals who want to make the world a better place through unforgettable events and outstanding service.

Uniquely, what they do is connecting people who plans to collaborate. They also believe that an organization, institution, company or even a person’s life can be changed through a certain milestones, and such milestones should be celebrated in the best way possible. Gathering the right people who are amazingly talented and passionate for a collaboration makes sure that each occasion stands out among others and sticks to one’s memory, not just by being impressive but also by being effective in shaping people’s lives.

Together with Aracan, this event is also made possible by A.I.M.S.Group Singapore, formerly known as ABN International Marketing & Services. An organization that started out in the general wholesale of imported and exported durable goods. Located in Singapore, the company opened its doors in 2009 and has diversified its services ever since. Now, A.I.M.S. Group already specializes in business management, consultancy, marketing and sales, and is expanding even more through a variety of partnerships and through investing more of their time, effort and finances in more industries.

For more information, keep it locked on their social media accounts: FB: /glamconmnl/ IG: /GlamconMNL/ TW: @GlamConMNL

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