| Jan 1, 1970
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Every year, fans all over the world are eager to see which movies are coming out. Lately it has become a craze to wait up all night for the latest trailer to hot online or the most recent announcements to be made at the different gaming and movie conventions about upcoming releases. With the huge success of comic book movies and the trend of prequels and sequels and trilogies, there are now even more blockbuster films to watch out for this 2016!

Following the monumental success of DC’s Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice and Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War, there are more comic-book based movies that will be released this year to continue to whet your superhero appetites!

The highly-anticipated supervillain movie of Warner Bros. and DC will hit the theaters: Suicide Squad! Featuring a motley crew of misfits and criminals, Suicide Squad will surely showcase heroics and antics that we have never seen before!

You know who he is. You know what he can do. And now he is back! The world’s greatest spy is in action once again as Matt Damon returns as Jason Bourne!

When there’s something strange in the neighborhood, who you gonna call? Find out in the latest version of the fan-favorite Ghostbusters!


The final frontier is vast and uncharted. And Captain Kirk and Spock are not yet done with their adventures aboard the Enterprise in Star Trek: Beyond!

There are more than a dozen new movies that will come out from July to September. And everyone will have their fill of action, drama, and comedy!

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