Sagada Mountain Marathon

Sagada, Mountain Province | Feb 26, 2017
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Sagada Mountain Marathon

Image source: Team Malaya

The Mountain Province is among the Philippines natural treasures, giving visitors a glimpse of the biblical paradise of Eden. It feels as if your own two feet are standing outside heaven’s pearly gates when you get to this elevated land of wonder. Pinoy Fitness is giving you the chance to join an epic Sagada Mountain Trail Run to see the wonders of this high way.

Sagada Mountain Marathon

Image source: Jayson Santos


But if you’re already that close to heaven, you won’t just let the opportunity pass you by, right? Aside from just running the marathon, here are some other things you can do while in Sagada:

1. Sugong Hanging Coffins

The opportunity to see or experience something different is always a great feeling. Sure, you’re already up there, and that’s awesome, but why stop at just being there? Why not see some unusual burial sites where the local folk still practice the custom of hanging their deceased’s coffins by the side of the mountain?

2. Kapay-aw Rice Terraces

Heaven has always been associated with the climb upward and eventually reaching the peak. Sometimes it’s by ladder, sometimes it’s by stairway. In this case, see the cultural wonder that are the Rice Terraces.

3. Sumaguing Cave

Once you pass those wonderful terraces, its off to another dimension as you can go spelunking in ‘The Big Cave’, which was used during World War II as a shelter and hiding place for Filipino guerillas.

4. Mt. Kiltepan

More than just the cherry on top of the sundae, the view from Mount Kiltepan may as well literally take your breath away. Seeing the sunset above the clouds is more than just a pretty sight, it’s heavenly.

Sagada Mountain Marathon

Image source: Freedom Wall

Run to the heavens and make your way to paradise with Pinoy Fitness’ Sagada Mountain Run.

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