Awkward Moments Day Holiday Fun Facts

Worldwide | Mar 18, 2020
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Why awkward is the new ‘cool’ this Awkward Moments Holiday

Awkward Moments Day Holiday Fun Facts We Know Memes

Who would have thought making Awkward Moments Day cool enough to be written on calendar every March 18 has got to have deep sense of humor and zero tolerance for serious business. Sure, some awkward moments are cringe-worthy to remember, some we want to forget. Awkward situations are supposed to look funny for others but on a personal level, it feels like your persona is under attack. When we find ourselves in awkward situations, either we let our insecurities show, or to cover it up, we laugh it off, just to show the world we have our funny bone. Anyway, it’s already hard to rectify an awkward situation, and how awkward it could get from that point on? Since we learn to live with awkward situations, here are some holiday fun facts worth noting about it.

Your guide to surviving Awkward Moments Day

1. Awkward Moments Day happen to fall on a date after St. Patrick’s Day

Most of the world associate St. Patrick’s Day to be a celebration of booze drinking and partying. Chances are, if you are actually out having fun and had one too many drinks, the aftermath of it can be, awkward. Especially if you are introduced to new acquaintances by a friend. *Insert possible awkward scenarios here*. Yes, real life story.


2. Yet even if it’s not Awkward Moments Day, some uncalled situations in our life ranges from Awkward level: it’s fine that escalates quickly to Awkward level 999: bury me alive NOW.

But how you react to it makes all the difference. You can look like you have been caught off-guard, and trying to make it up for it. I’m guilty of this. Every time.


But if you are a vocal person, probably you won’t give a damn.


Or try to act nonchalant about it. If people can see that the awkward situation can’t rattle you. They will move on, anyway.


3. We never said being caught in an awkward situation is easy.

But you can always redeem yourself by keeping your insecurities at bay. Pat yourself in the back. You have lived every year of your life going through some eventure situations and on this Awkward Moments Holiday, tell yourself how strong, independent person you are to have gone through it. Laugh it off. And make new memories again. Say this: #IAmAnEventurer, let’s get on with it!


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